Johannesburg 25 April 20202 – While we are still at home due to the nationwide lock-down, several artists have been hard at work making sure that we stay entertained. In these trying times, the only thing which makes sense to all of us is keeping ourselves entertained with songs released from many talented musicians around the world. Not wanting to let his talent go to waste, after what seems to be forever South Africa multi-platinum selling music producer and jazz artist who goes by the name of Thammy Mdluli has finally given us a new music which is set to cause havoc with his brand new offerings from his latest album titled JAZZ IT UP sets to be released this coming spring.

This time around Thammy Mdluli has released two jazz-fusion songs titled Jazz It Up and Where There’s Love which were officially released on 72 digital download stores on the 24 of April 20202. ” i have decided to share 2 singles at the same time to give a taste of what is to come this spring” says Thammy Mdluli


The two leading singles taken from the album will transport you to a place free from emotional baggage and distress. Both singles have that nostalgic and romantic feel catering both to the young and matured generation.

“For those who know me personally they will tell you that nothing goes out of my hand till it is as perfect as it can be and being a veteran in the entertainment industry i have found that the older one gets the more one pays attention to detail and it nothing ever seems to be perfect ‘chuckles’. I started working on the melodies of these singles last year and I knew I had to follow my gut instinct and follow through with what could potentially be a hit single.

The more I played the more structure and life it got and that invoked the passion which had laid dormant for jazz music specifically. Jazz listeners pay attention to detail and having worked on 3 other world class albums, I knew I couldn’t disappoint with this project I had begun working on. If i could describe what the emotions and feel to Jazz It Up and Where There’s Love, i’d simply say they are me – and this is a part of me I want the world to see.”

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