Bongeziwe Mabandla releases stunning lyric video, Bambelela Kum (4.6.18)

Black Major artist, Bongeziwe Mabandla, has just released a lyric video for Bambelela Kum (4.6.18) that captures the simplicity of this standout song off his recently released new album, iimini.

Watch the Bambelela Kum(4.6.18) lyric video here: 

Shot in France by producer Tiago Correia-Paulo during Mabandla’s late 2019 European tour, the video is a stunning distillation of a song Mabandla describes as his favourite on iimini – and which captures the essence of human relationships in a meditative incantation (“hold on to me/I will hold on to you/we are all that we have”) that’s accompanied by just Mabandla’s acoustic guitar.

Bambelela is my favourite song on the album. It’s a simple song with very few words but it means a lot to me,” explains Mabandla.

A song about family and belonging and a complicated and dysfunctional love, Bongeziwe shares: “I wrote it about always fighting with someone you care about and the conflict that this brings. Sometimes you are with someone that truly understands you and that gives you the sense of belonging, but it does not always guarantee that you won’t still hurt it each other. It’s about holding on through the difficult times because you love each other.”

iimini is the third album from the enigmatic spirit of African soul, and it reached #1 on iTunes in South Africa on its first day of release in March. This April also saw Mabandla featured in the inaugural COLORS HOME/BRED series – a new initiative from the acclaimed music platform that showcases exceptional talent from around the globe.

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