Sleep is vital for children as it improves their growth, learning, memory and building a strong immunity. Children require more sleeping hours than adults at different stages of their lives. Research shows that primary school-age children require between 9 – 11 hours of sleep in order to receive the necessary health benefits. This week’s NESTLÉ NESPRAY Level Up Their Immunity seeks to educate and encourage parents and guardians to prioritize a proper sleep cycle for their children in order to gain these health benefits. 

Sleep enables young minds to be well rested and prepared to perform at their optimal level at school. Just as laughter is the best medicine, a good night’s sleep produces proteins that prevent children from contracting viruses. Lack of sleep can prevent school-age children from reaching their full potential in their day to day activities. Lack of sleep also makes children grumpy, reduces their attention span. It is critical for parents/guardian to monitor their children’s sleep patterns, this can range from enforcing a strict “no toys/cellphone” sleep schedule to sleep routine that includes a bedtime story. 

NESTLÉ fully understands the nutritional needs for each stage of a child’s development and has designed a product range that satisfies the nutritional requirements of that stage. The NESTLÉ NESPRAY Fortigrow formula is packed with a combination of essential nutrients such as calcium, zinc and iron to support normal growth and a healthy immunity system to get school-age children physically and mentally ready for school.  A balance of a child’s good night sleep plus a recommended daily glass of NESTLÉ NESPRAY which carries all the minerals and nutritional benefits needed by children who are 5 years and older will give your children a healthy head start. 

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