OPPO A15: the basics done beautifully
South Africa is a cost-conscious market, but that shouldn’t mean cheap devices for the sake of getting below a certain price point. OPPO A15 combines an expansive 6.52” display with all the hallmarks of OPPO quality like ColorOS enhancements on top of Android with Google services and OPPO Rewards. The MediaTek Helio P35 processor was specifically selected for its power efficiency and artificial intelligence engine that smartly allocate resources so users always have the power they need to tackle the task at hand. AI also enables a premium camera experience from the rear triple camera. A big battery means that power is available all day, and a full suite of premium connectivity radios like Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX will keep the A15 compatible with all your wireless accessories for long into the future. OPPO has all your basics covered and more with the A15.   

Priced from R6 999 for the A72, R4 999 for the A53s and R2 999 for the A15, the devices can also be purchased on 24-month contracts and are available at Vodacom Stores, Foschini, Cellucity, 4U, Chatz, Hi, Game and their respective online stores. 

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I was introduced to the Oppo South Africa family a few months ago and I instantly wanted to play around with their devices. At last the device being the Oppo A15 was delivered to my doorstep and instantly I few in love with the packaging before even unboxing the device. Aesthetically the device itself looks amazing, lightweight and fits perfectly in my denim pockets.

The packaging came with

•The Oppo A15

• A USB cable and a charging head

• Traditional earphones

•A clear silicone like protective cover

Size and Weight

Height: about 164.0mm 

Width: about 75.4mm

Thickness: about 7.9mm

Weight: about 175g

I received the Mystery Blue version of the device but the A15 device also comes in black for those who shy away for colour.

For me personally whenever I pick out a device I look for the storage size, battery longevity and the aesthetics of the actual device and for this particular device it ticks all the boxes for me.

Upon receiving the device I decided to play around with it but at a minimum “no texts nor calls were made just snapping a few pictures recording a few voice notes at a few events I had attended and browsing the device itself” testing out how many times would I have to charge it and surprisingly I only charged the phone after 4 days from switching it on from delivery. If you need a device for just calls and odd texts here and there this is the device for you as you won’t be charging it much. For the social media addicts like myself this particular device has a 13MP AI Triple Camera which will insure that you capture the perfect snap everytime.

Here are some snaps I took at events. Some were take indoors other outdoors and some at night.

Taken at Somizis cook book launch under low pink lighting
Taken at Somizis cookbook launch indoors
Taken at Kelly Khumalo’s album live recording
Taken outdoors on an overcasted day

Overall I’m happy about this device and I give it 4/5

Other devices in the range consist of the A75 and the A53s

OPPO Device Vodacom Shop, CelluCity, Chatz, 4UGame
A72 + A15R499pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
OPPO Enco W11
BT Speaker
R500 Store Voucher
R499pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
OPPO Enco W11
BT Speaker
A53s + A15R429pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
R250 Store Voucher
R429pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
A15 + A15R299pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
R279pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
A15 + TabletR349pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards
BT Speaker

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