Donald Teams Up With Cici on Uzobuya

Johannesburg, South Africa – Thursday, 11 February2021 –The day is almost upon us – Donald with Cici are hours away from releasing their debut single of the year, Uzobuya. When Donald first teased the visuals of his new single, Uzobuya, featuring Cici, it had many tongues wagging.

Now the certified crooner is ready to unveil his new single , proving that the chemistry between himself and Cici is not just visual but audible. Uzoboya, featuring Cici is a continuation of the two’s musical love affair following Donald’s 2018 hit single, Landela (Remix) .

In 2021, Mr. In Denial is living up to his promise by continuing the love story between them. But this time, instead of vowing to always follow her, he is asking her to come back.


The single is mid-tempo laid and takes the listener through a journey of the highs and lows of love. The lows are symbolized by the solo verses, and
the highs through the blending and harmonies of the two of them together. Now, all we need to wait for is the much-anticipated visuals of Uzobuya.