Show Me Your Koto I’ll Show You Mine

The face of fashion is forever changing and with the lockdown restrictions imposed on the world, young bands have even found it even harder to penetrate into the fashion industry. We’ve seen brands come and go and this time around Koto sneakers have finally landed in South African homes.

Koto was founded by Edward Moela with the aim to create a brand that all Africans can resonate with. The new sneaker brand that is inspired by an African weapon. Based in Centurion where customers can fit and shop conveniently or orders can be placed via their WhatsApp line 0792946870. The history of this weapon across Africa is powerful and it is something all Africans resonate with. Koto, Molamu, Thonga, Iwisa, Knobkerrie, Chibonga. Many cultures have different names for it. It was and still is used amongst different cultures in celebrations. It brings people together and it’s something we have in common as Africans. Simply put, our phrase “Ya lla koto” means the sound of an African weapon. 

Dannywired had a telephonic interview with brand Koto and this is what they had to say

Where did the journey begin?

Our sneakers are inspired by an African weapon which in our case is the Koto, Thonga, Iwisa, Knobkerrie, Chibonga. Many cultures have different names for it. It was and still is used amongst different cultures in celebrations and it is something we have in common as Africans and we wanted to translate that into something that we all love which is sneakers.

As a new sneaker brand, what challenge have you face?

As a new brand that is still evolving and introducing itself to the world, people tend to compare it with brands that are already established and expect the pricing to be extremely low because it is still new, however, the process of it all is just as demanding. We have made sure that comfort and quality comes first before putting the product out there by producing samples and wearing them for months before creating the final product.  So people can rest assured that Koto is the real deal.

Thus far how has South Africa received your brand?

I must say our own people have shown us support beyond what we expected. Our first batch hit our offices in mid February and we’ve already sold half of it and we’re truly thankful.

What does it take for one to create a sneaker brand?

It takes a lot of courage, money, dedication and passion because it is a process and not something that you do overnight.

What is the retail price for a pair of Koto sneakers

A pair retails for R1200

How does brand Koto empower young South Africans?

The plan is to employ young South Africans in different parts of the provinces once we start launching our stores.

Where can people buy Koto Sneakers?

People can get them via our order line 0792946870