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In a new initiative that’s set to be a hit for music lovers and makers alike, South Africa’s leading chewing gum brand is set to launch a new campaign called Stimorol FlowLab. What is Stimorol FlowLab all about, you ask? Stimorol FlowLab is a consumer-facing platform that is set to bridge the gap between music lovers and makers alike.

For aspiring musicians, the campaign’s digital platform and regional workshops will allow them to connect with peers, as well as upskill and hone their craft with the help of industry professionals who want to give back such as Aubrey Qwana and Musa Keys. Our goal with this is to provide access by opening doors. We also want to build communities and create opportunities by connecting aspiring musicians to the broader music community.  For music lovers, Stimorol FlowLab will allow them to unlock exclusive content and instant prizes by uploading proof of purchase (the more you buy, the more you get).

Khanyisa Ntshuntshe, brand manager for Stimorol, added, “Stimorol is about inspiring fresh perspectives and empowering individuals. With our belief that the world is a better place when everyone lives and does things in their own individual and unique way, what better way to live up to this mantra than for us to create a platform that truly peels away the barrier of gate-keepers and gives everyone an equal opportunity to shine.”

In support of this, Stimorol is making a commitment to pay for and prioritise the use of visual and audio outputs from the campaign’s participants instead of just using stock and library music for its brand assets. Housed on a microsite that will mobilize Stimorol’s social mission and drive volume, this new campaign will involve the likes of Musa Keys, Major Steez, Dee Koala and Aubrey Qwana.

“I’m happy to be part of a movement to support the youth grow their music careers,” shared Musa Keys. “Being able to impart the knowledge I have and share it with young and talented artists is something I’m passionate about. We grow by helping the next star.”

In a bid to empower GenZ’s, who often find themselves disenfranchised due to gatekeepers and a lack of access, Stimorol FlowLab will host workshops that allow participants to be upskilled with industry knowledge and studio sessions where they can collab with influential local music makers who sign up through the micro site. To broaden this opportunity, Stimorol will set up live events that are attended by Music Lovers and allow Music Makers to showcase their talent.

The recruitment phase for this campaign, where music makers & lovers will be invited to sign up on the Stimorol Flowlab from June.  Following this consumers can expect workshops ,studio sessions and events nationwide.

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