Rudy Chalmers Picture Frame single release

One of South Africa’s rising stars Rudy Chalmers is back again with his highly anticipated 1st Single of 2023, Picture Frame. Chalmers has been hard at work since the release of his debut  mixtape Fears & Fantasies that released in early 2021. A year on from his last drop the  lyricist & guitarist is dropping a single for what is his highly anticipated first EP under his new  distribution label.  

“I love making music” says Rudy Chalmers. “I have been working hard to perfect the sound  of my new EP and I finally feel like I’m ready to let go of it and share it with my listeners”.  Chalmers continues to say that his latest project is inspired by a mixture of old school funk  and soul music. He has been working with his team of producers to blend those old school  influences with his alternative Hip-Hop and RnB flavor.  

Well known for his lyrical ability as a rapper, with his witty lyrics displayed all over his  previous mixtape, Chalmers is excited to push himself musically. He promises a lot more  singing on his latest project as he experiments with his already extremely unique music  style.  

Listeners have grown fond of his adventurous nature which is extremely evident to those  who attend his live concerts where you can find him running through the crowd and dancing  with audience members, starting the electric shuffle with his concert audience has become  something of a trademark of Rudy’s shows.  

Whenever the late Vuyo Mbuli’s son releases music there are listeners eager to hear what  he has produced, but Rudy Chalmers says what excites him the most is growing his fanbase  and reaching new ears with every release he puts out.  

Picture Frame by Rudy Chalmers will be available on all streaming platforms on the 24th of  February 2023.  

For more information on Rudy Chalmers visit his social media platforms, Instagram: Rudy  Chalmers, Twitter: Rudy Chalmers, Facebook: Sithenkosi Mbuli