Chapter 1: The Black Door & Chapter 2: Coming May 2023!

Besties, family friends, viewers in KZN, Mpumalanga, Limpopo & GP all the way to Western Cape- everyone that enjoyed The Black Door.

With great TV shows rolling out every night, comes the need to create new stories, new moments and “na njoyment” for the whole family.

Just a little over a year since the launch of The Black Door, the story of a premium brothel, sexy strippers, pointy boobs and the BEAST…is reaching boiling point.

Regrettably, those moments, every weeknight at 9:30PM are headed to the end game. But, the boundaries of late-night television have been shifted forever. And as you’ll find out in mid-May this year, the whole story is NOT over.

A quick catch up on what’s happening:

  • Velaphi is a mess and we love him! But, big question, what’s his plan? Is he after Mam Rebs? Will he even remember his own family?
  • Khaya + Nandi & Nolitha! Should we consider polygamy here? Will there be a wedding? Can Khaya handle both women? *wink*
  • Boniswa? Yoh! What’s going on there though?

The Black Door on, weeknights, 9:30PM and 5 episodes on Openview, Channel 114, Saturdays, from 9PM.