Johannesburg, 14 April 2023: The countdown has officially begun, leading up to the premiere screening of debut reality series by Thando Thabethe titled Unstoppable Thabooty

This new and exclusive offering to BET Africa (DStv channel 129) will detail how the multitalented businesswoman and radio host takes on the world with her family and close friends. 

The cast includes her mom, Sibongile Thabethe; her fashion designer, creative director, and buyer sister, Sanele Thabethe; her business partner, TV and film producer best friend, Tumi Maimela; her childhood friend, Mantsoe “Pout” Tsatsi; her industry and radio producer friend, Given Baloyi, and media personality and Thabooty’s brand ambassador, Khanya Mkangisa. 

The cast was asked some behind-the-scenes questions, let’s get to know them better. 

Let’s kick off with this EPK of the entire cast playing the ‘Who’s Who’

Let’s get to know the cast 

Thando’s mother Sibongile Thabethe chats about the dating scene, her daughter’s rise to fame, her culinary business, and more.

Let’s get to know Sibongile Thabethe
Hot Mommy Summer with Sibongile Thabethe

Thando is excited to showcase her life and give everyone a glimpse of what goes on in her life. Here is a snippet of what she has to say about her love life, career, and reasons why she is letting us in on her life. 

Get to know Thando Thabethe

With this being her first reality show and the first as executive producer, we see how Thando Thabethe and her best friend and business partner took several years to this moment. Here is what Tumi Maimela has to say about this upcoming show.

Get to know Thando’s best friend and business partner Tumi Maimela

Thando takes her job seriously, on and off air. Here, is media personality, Khanya Mkangisa, who can tell us more about what makes Thabooty’s more than just a lingerie line but also how it inspires her to keep chasing her dreams.

Khanya Mkangisa highlights the best of Thabooty’s

The Queer African story shall be televised! Thando’s friend and industry peer Given Baloyi says they will be using the platform to highlight this imperative narrative.

Get to know Given Baloyi 

Childhood friend, Mantsoe “Pout” Tsatsi, knows and has seen all about Thando’s life growing up, will she spill the tea on Thando? Here, is more about Mantsoe and some insider tips about how to romantically impress Thando, that’s if you want the intel…

Childhood friend Mantsoe “Pout” Tsatsi

Who better to break down Thando’s best fashion hits and misses throughout the years than her sister? Here is fashion designer, creative director, and buyer, Sanele Thabethe giving insight on some of Thando’s most notable fashion looks. 
Sanele Thabethe unpacks some of Thando’s fashion hits and misses

Unstoppable Thabooty will exclusively be airing on BET (channel 129 on DStv) every Saturday from 15 April at 19:30 and repeats on Sundays at 18:00.