About us

There is a confusion between Dannywired and ELDM and how the two fuse together… its quite simple actually. Both organisations are formed by Danny Mdluli thus both being featured on this site. ELDM “THE ONE DANNY MDLULI” primarily focuses on the business side of the brand and Dannywired focuses solely on the enterainment side of things. We decided to call this site Dannywired but the team at Dannywired are multitalented and their strengths fuse effortless birthing what is ELDM and DannyWired.

Danny Mdluli who is an experience entertainment journalists is also a businessman and ghost song-writer for a few South African singers. His vast experience of being in the entertainment industry as an entertainment journalist has afforded him interview both international and local superstars and as a businessman allowed him to make numerous of artists famous and has seen those very same artists suceed with gold and platinum album sales under their belts.

Take a journey with us and witness how dreams are meant to be lived!

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Danny Mdluli