Johannesburg 19 April 2023 -The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) is more than ready to welcome all patrons to the safer  Mpumalanga Province ahead of the Metro FM Awards that will be taking place at Mbombela Stadium  (Mpumalanga) on the 6th of May 2023. 

“We are more than ready to provide different tourist experience in Mpumalanga during the Metro FM Awards  weekend from the 4th to the 8th of May 2023. The experience vary from spectacular landscapes, scenic  beauty and high altitudes through the Panorama Route offering Waterfalls, God’s Window, the Gorge Lift  Company, Natural Pools, Adventure, Natural Water-Rock Convolution and the scenic beauty of the Three  Rondavels. The North East of the Lowveld escarpment explores wildlife in the Kruger National Park, cultural  vibes at Shabalala Interpretation Cultural Centre and many more.”, said Mr Mduduzi Vilakazi, Acting CEO of  the MTPA. 

“The Metro FM Awards are staged during the autumn season introducing tourists to the serene, tranquil  sunny and warm Mpumalanga winter. Various affordable packages are available from various tour  operators, which include accommodation, game drives, hiking trails, adrenalin-rush adventure activities,  cultural exposure and spiritual excursions. A number of events are also planned for the duration of the Metro  FM Awards weekend making the visit to Mpumalanga vibey, lively and an electrifyingly safe nightlife”, added  Vilakazi. 

“Let the Metro FM Awards bring you closer to the sacred places in Mpumalanga for those spiritually hyped  for various spiritual searches. The Barberton Makhonjwa Mountain World Heritage Site explores the origins of human existence through its rock formation dating back 3.5 billion years. One can also visit Inzalo  Yelanga near Kaapsehoop for a search of fertility. Others may search for the powers of ancient kings that  are believed to be in existence at the Sudwala Caves”, explained Vilakazi 

Mduduzi Vilakazi

“Events such as the Metro FM Awards provides economic spinoffs such as market exposure to new entrants  in the tourism business, bring to life township and rural economy, create short-term job opportunities. The  event of this magnitude further plays a significant role in creating awareness about investment opportunities  that the Mpumalanga Province may offer as people travel not only for leisure or relaxation or entertainment  but for investment opportunities as well. Please, leave no one behind as we explore Mpumalanga”,  concluded Vilakazi.  

For a visit to the provincial nature reserves, please contact our central reservations office on and visit our website, for a list of our nature reserves situated at various parts of the province. We would further like to encourage visitors to use bank cards as  means of payments. 

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