Platinumb Heart: Of Love in Protest. Msaki’s sonic and visual exhibition at Nirox Sculpture Park

Johannesburg, Friday, 28 January 2022 – Msaki is known to many as the multi-award-winning vocalist, songwriter and producer who has created some of South Africa’s most beloved anthems in collaboration with some of the nation’s top production talent. It was no surprise that she was invited as an honorary judge on IDOLS SA to impart her graceful wisdom and years of experience as a certified hit maker with poetic substance as well as an artist developer through her own label and artist collective,  ALTBLK>>.

With the release of Msaki’s sophomore double album, Platinumb Heart, in November last year, Msaki pushed boundaries giving both her singer-songwriter acoustic and electronic/producer time in the spotlight to shine, which earned her millions of streams worldwide, radio chart success, consecutive days of Twitter trending and immense support from both digital stores and media alike for her ambitious, brave, heart opening and genre defying offering.

What fans might not yet know about Msaki, is that this consummate artist is not limited to the confines of just music and words. Msaki is a multi-talented artist in the truest sense of the word. As her talents stretch to the visual arts, directing and crafting her own music videos, writing poetry, embarking on a journey as a playwright and more.

In 2021 Msaki was an artist in residency at The NIROX Foundation, to produce a sonic and visual exhibition that ran parallel to the themes of protest and love, she threads in her album.

Msaki spent over two months at NIROX, synthesising her creative languages across these various mediums: drawing, painting, installation and film to produce her first solo exhibition which will include a series of installations encompassing live performance pieces, sculptures, drawings, and films directed by Msaki.

The exhibition addresses themes of gender based violence, corruption, state capture, government sanctioned violence, love, healing and redemption that are represented by songs on the album, themes that echo the current state of her home country, South Africa.

Msaki’s visual art training includes: Art and Design at Buffalo City College, Fine Art at Rhodes University and at Leeds University, together with work experience as a Graphic Designer in East London. As a multi-disciplinary artist this means that some of the songs will be spread out across the park and experienced as visual installations.

“This time at Nirox has been a significant time to defragment my soul, to put all the broken pieces together, to find an ebb and flow and to heal from previous restrictions. I see this period of synthesis as walking into a fullness of how to share. My focus on life as a musician, songwriter, composer, producer and curator of live and virtual music events, has come at the price of delaying my synthesis as a multidisciplinary artist. It’s quite apt that Nirox has already been a place where all of these parts have slowly resurrected with every visit.” – Msaki

Attendees will receive a map on arrival of how to navigate the exhibition. Both sonic and visual.

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, 30 January 2022

Address: Nirox, R540 Kromdraai Road, Kromdraai, Krugersdorp, 1739

For the General Public – Limited tickets at R450 are available on Howler

Connect with Msaki:

Facebook: @msakiza

Twitter: @msaki_za

Instagram: @msaki_za