KB Motsilanyane Joins House of Zwide as Alex Khadzi’s sister – Nandipha

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Johannesburg – Nandipha comes in to House of Zwide looking for her late Brother Alex Khadzi  – 5 July

Nandipha’s father was a polygamist. He was wealthy, powerful, and painfully traditional. Which is why he pretty much banished Alex and his mom from the family when he discovered how Alex loved making dresses and wearing them occasionally. Even though she kept it a secret, Nandipha admired her brother. But she towed the line. She was academically gifted and attended the best schools. Eventually becoming a powerful Lawyer. And in the back of her mind she always believed she would one day reconcile with him after their father had passed away.

But she receives word that Alex has gone missing. She comes crushing into our world, looking for her brother, and when all the evidence points to the fact that the Zwides were involved in her brother’s disappearance, she becomes the most dangerous enemy they have ever faced.

Catch this chapter in House of Zwide, on the 5th of July at 7PM

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