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Having traveled the world from place like Denmark, Paris, Italy, and Germany studying SMMes development and research – Ambani  Ramaru aka AR  has enjoyed a decorated music ministry receiving acknowledgments including  SABC Crown Gospel Awards, United Kingdom African Gospel Music Awards nominee,  has shared stages with many gospel notables . AR who is a learned man first popped into the music scenes when he produced his own music pieces debuted with his album “Lift Him”  in 1996.   “My music has evolved greatly from my first demo which I recorded in 1996, leading praise and worship added much value in development, comparison on my first demo and my latest hit single “ Night and Day, “ says Ambani.

With three albums in his name, his music addresses who God is and His greatness.  He has toured around the country and blessed thousands, his reach continues to grow as he progressively moves into a number of different areas. Not only is he a gospel artist, but Ambani,  who was raised in a Christian home is also a businessman who cut his teeth in business at the age of 23.

With humility, the father of three acknowledges that he found his formula for a successful ministry and business based on the Bible and has cultivated through an intimate relationship with God.

About his latest single,  Night and Day he says it came when he was running some errands and felt inspired and a melody came up and thought it was nice.”I  took out my phone and recorded. I called my music director and we recorded the song,” he shares.The song is inspired by  Psalms 23. He says in the song he and his team put out all they know musically. He says he tried to accommodate non-gospel listeners who are not looking for emotion but mind entertainment.

 He adds that he is working on a full 8-track album he hopes will be released later in March 2020.

We had a chat with AR and this what he had to say

When was your first musical performance?

My first performance was at church singing a song “ Tshilidzi tsha Murena” by a popular Tshivenda artist  Ms. Irene Mawela. This was back in 1988,

Why gospel music out of all genres?

I am an artist by design or talent and a gospel singer by calling, I regard my gospel singing as a mode of fellowship with God and leading the people of God into his presence and definitely music is a playfield for me and a reward after doing my business and work activities.

You keep to yourself and not in the tabloids, how do you keep yourself grounded?

I am not going all out trying to be famous, I’m not out for the game. I found myself here, singing in church, doing praise and worship until people suggested I record my music. My passion is not to be popular, I believe it will come and it will come at the right time and when it happens, I will support what is happening at that time.

If you could advice any young kid trying to get into the gospel genre, what you would say to them?

Be yourself and check as many established artists as possible to find your voice. I think it is important, how you look, how you communicate and how people perceive you. It actually creates an image in return for what people can relate to and it also creates an association of things people can like or not. Image is as good as a name, just like scripture says “A good name is better than an expensive perfume or something precious.

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