Bliss beauty app puts wellness and beauty at your fingertips!

JOHANNESBURG, October 2020 – Bliss beauty app brings the glam squad into your home. No more rushing from work to salon, to home. No more scrambling to find a wellness specialist near you. The new Bliss beauty app puts it all at your fingertips.

The new female-led app launched on 22 October at the Hyde Park Boutique Hotel, to offer busy beauty lovers a way to manage a beautiful life. Our lives have become extremely busy and getting everything done including a beauty routine requires a balancing act. Beauty and wellness should fit into your schedule, not the other way around. Bliss beauty app connects you with vetted nail technicians, stylists and wellness professionals throughout South Africa.

The new on-demand app is available on iOS and Android stores and delivers customized care.

“Bliss’ on-demand offerings give you, the consumer, the flexibility and choice you need to spend less time in salons and more time living,” says Advocate Aurelia Nxumalo, spokesperson for Bliss. “This all-in-one platform provides enormous value for our customers, and the rates are comparable to those of regular salons with added convenience and ample choices.”

The new service has a nationwide network of service professionals and therapists.

“We currently have a network of over 200 therapists spread across various cities in South Africa and are aiming to grow this network to over 1000 within the next six months. All our therapists are independent lifestyle entrepreneurs who take up to 80% of the service fee,” adds Nxumalo.

Consumers will discover and meet the safest and most effective beauty therapists. The app is an industry first – at this scale – that offers; massages, facials, make-up, nails, hair, personal training, wax and spray-tan treatments and concierge services.

Users simply download the free app, then with a simple signup, that takes just only a few seconds, a world of beauty, wellness, and lifestyle opens up. Once you find your perfect stylist or therapist, you simply book a day and time that works for you and them. Providers come to your home, offices, or any place where you can receive safe and clean services. Payments are also made safely within the app.

“Bliss beauty app fixes critical points for busy beauty lovers.  Covid-19 has created the imperative for clean, customized beauty care and the home service plan solves both the current need for beauty products and expands protection and safety with predictable budgeting,” says Nxumalo.

The app also has an online store where you can purchase various products offered by product partners. The online store is expanding and will in the future also feature quality beauty and wellness products offered by start-up entrepreneurs.

The Bliss Beauty App is about clean beauty which is the new standard.  It is also about going beyond to offer a premium and convenient experience. You can be pampered, primped and preened in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, office, or anywhere you are.

“It’s with tremendous pleasure that we welcome Bliss to the Dermalogica tribe of skincare enthusiasts who share in the Dermalogica vision and by taking Dermalogica professional skin treatments to the convenience of your home.

Dermalogica has carefully cultivated the trust of our consumers and Professional Skin Centres for over 30 years, and we believe your best life is lived in your healthiest skin, which is why we focus on quality ingredients that we know will work.

We pride ourselves in delivering Professional Skin Care Treatments with Professional Skin Therapists who grow through ongoing education and development sustaining industry-leading treatments.

Our products are recognised as cruelty-free by not only PETA but as well as Leaping Bunny. Most of our products are Vegan, and they are all Gluten Free. Now with the ability to purchase Dermalogica using Bliss and their unique code, it brings a new convenience to your doorstep.

Dermalogica wishes Bliss the best success in this amazing innovative way of serving consumers.” Says Samantha Katz, Dermalogica Brand Consultant


Having being present at the launch and experience the service which the @BlissOnCall staff have to offer I most definitely have to give them a 5/5 rating. Though this launch happy at a stunning location, the service upon entry to the professionalism of staff including ensuring that I was safe – I surely felt at home. This app will not only make sure you get the treatment you want at your desired location but just like the e-hailing services, one can at anytime press the panic button if they feel they are not safe.

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