From security guard to business magnate, South African serial entrepreneur, Tim Hogins, celebrates 10 years in business

Johannesburg, Thursday, 25 February 2021 – From security guard to a business magnate, South African businessman, serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, Tim Hogins, celebrates 10 years in business.

Over the past decade, Tim Hogins has demonstrated how hard work, determination, grit, and consistency are key to building sustainable businesses.

“Being able to reach such a milestone as an entrepreneur without any form of government or private sector assistance confirms that it’s possible to run and start a business regardless of your background. Many businesses tend to fold within 3 years so being in a position to celebrate 10 years warms my heart,” expresses Tim Hogins.

To celebrate his first decade as a serial entrepreneur, Hogins has launched the ZA Youth Movement program which aims to build and groom the youth of South Africa to be independent, knowledgeable, and self-starting in all aspects of their lives by eradicating co-dependency.

Looking towards the next 10 years, Hogins shares: “I aim to grow the ZA Youth Movement into Africa’s largest non-political movement employing and empowering millions across the continent.”

As a pioneer and one of Africa’s emerging business leaders, Hogins launched one of the first green outdoor gyms in the country which have gone on to be included in the National Development Plans. The journey, however, hasn’t been smooth sailing for the former security guard. With a lot of failure over the years and loss of millions of Rands, Hogins has found value in diversifying his business portfolio which includes Recreational Lifestyle brands, Technology, Manufacturing, E-commerce development, Real Estate & Property Development, Pharmaceuticals, Health, and Insurance.

Having shared his story as a cover feature on Entrepreneur Mag, and his success being spotlighted by Forbes Africa, Hogins is constantly looking to inspire and uplift the youth through his journey. Giving advice to the Tim of 10 years ago that others can benefit from, Hogins shares:


·         Stay in your lane (diversify within your space/specialty)

·         Have at least one sound business partner to assist in business critical decisions

·         Get formal financial training (bookkeepers and accountants can be your downfall)

·         Take a lot of risk


·         Kids grow up quicker than you blink, don’t work on weekends, it’s not worth it


·         Health is your most valuable asset

·         Do that trip

·         Spoil yourself

·         Feed your spiritual side, equally

Connect with Tim Hogins on social media for more on his milestone celebration as an entrepreneur and the launch of the ZA Youth Movement program. Follow his journey as he pursues his ambitions of becoming SA’s first independent presidential candidate!

Connect with Tim Hogins:

Facebook: @timhoginsza

Twitter: @timhoginsza

Instagram: @timhoginsza

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