Introducing rising star, Deni, a new- age pan African singer and songwriter. The art of sound and melody has been a vibrant stimulus in the life of her big dreams. Following various features in South African artist’s music, she has taken the bold step to grab the mic and solidify her artistry in the industry.

Deni is unleashing her first-ever individual single, an anticipated and powerful song, titled Pepe.  It takes the resonating narrative of the pursuit of self- love; an enduring journey of the significance of self- value and embrace.

“I use my words to tell stories that connect people, culture and art,” she says.

The single’s debut is a personal ode to herself and women alike, to celebrate their individuality and ultimately, to be confident in their bodies. It constitutes of a fusion of Afrobeats, R&B and Pop, and can be streamed on all major platforms: Apple, Deezer, Spotify and Youtube.

The lyrics of the song ignite a sense of passion and fierceness, complementing its fiery title, ‘Pepe’.

“It feels good to be finally channelling my energy towards this project and many more to come. My music is something special to me and I hope to capture the hearts of people looking for good rhythm, meaning and genuine connection,” says the local born singer. 

Music enthusiasts can anticipate a delightfully fresh and uncovered fusion in her genre, empowered by her blend of notes and lyrics. She forms a part of the generation of authentic and talented singers, who are building an infectious vibe to thought-provoking musical experiences.

A creative in her own respective right, she also intends to heighten her proficiency in the hub of fashion and art.

Dannywired got to chat to Deni and this is what she had to say:

Having been trained classically to now being a pan- African artist, how has  your training helped you with creating this single?  

It’s given me the confidence and comfort to masterfully create and execute my  music. Mastering your craft is an opportunity to drop the short-term pressure and  simply enjoy the long-term dedication to personal or professional growth. It’s has also taught me discipline. 

How important is self-love to you?  

Self-love is important for numerous reasons. It has a profound impact on how we  see ourselves and how we treat ourselves. Everyone needs self-love. While it’s  great to be on the receiving end of love from others, it’s also important to practice  self-love daily. When you hold yourself in high esteem you’re more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well. 

While interviewing for your job in cooperate, did you ever think you would  be where you are today? 

Music has always been part of my life so I have always known that at some point  I would get involved in either the business behind the music or the music itself  and now I am doing both. 

Looking at the state of which South Africa is currently in with the rate of  unemployment – as an artist how are you giving back to a young girl child?  

Coming from a small town where there weren’t many opportunities, I understand  the importance of believing in yourself. I want for my journey to be and inspiration to young girls. I’m also very involved in the business behind my music. I’m  learning how to build a brand and business that can provide knowledge and 

support for young girls who have a dream to be a musician or join any other profession in the industry. 

With the lockdown still lurking over our heads, what challenges are you  already facing as a new kid on the block?  

When you are a new-comer its essential to get you name and you music noticed,  you want to create awareness and introduce yourself to the industry. The  lockdown has limited the opportunities to share and connect with people. 

Are there plans of releasing a full body of work this year? 

An album is in the pipelines, but I can’t confirm when I will drop it. At the moment  I’m focused on steadily introducing myself and my music as well as growing my  listeners. ‘’Pepe’’ is the first single in a series of music I will be dropping this year. 

Follow her @deni_nk on all socials, for a memorable ride along of her music and life journey.