Dream pop laced with psychedelic sounds, Bye Beneco release “Even Now”

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Johannesburg, Friday, 26 August 2022 –  Ask the band what their name means and you get a different story every time. Attend a live show and there’s no telling exactly what you may feel. Welcome to the ever-shifting electric charge that is Bye Beneco. You’re looking through a sparkling kaleidoscope of dreamy indie-pop, laced with cosmic-disco and neon psychedelic sounds, flickering like the glittery eye shadow you wore to the party. 
 Their latest offering, “Even Now”, is a protesting voice lamenting our addiction to madness. A driving bass line keeps us moving forward in the song, holding us in a sort of loop, echoing the perpetual struggle. Lenny-Dee brings her heritage in towards the end of the piece, singing in French to capture the old-world romantic notion of what it means to be a slave to our comforts. “I know it when I see it.. I lean in because I need it, it’s my poison”. 
 Stream or download Bye Beneco’s “Even Now” here: https://platoon.lnk.to/even-now-bye-beneco 

The Cape Town band’s live performances are visually lustrous and alluring, wrapping themselves around you like a threesome with Barbarella and Ziggy Stardust. Having had three consecutive European tours since 2016, the band have seen immense success, playing renowned international festivals, namely, twice at Barcelona’s leading arts festival Primavera Sound.

Bye Beneco released a string of new singles with music videos throughout the pandemic, and have a bunch more lined up for release soon, all evolving further into disco and synth-pop as a neon-lit window into the future.

Stay mesmorised and connect online with Bye Beneco today. 
 Connect with Bye Beneco:
Instagram: @byebeneco
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