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24 MARCH 2023, JOHANNESBURG – South African bred, Zimbabwean artist, FakeAno, has returned to complete the African Boy Trilogy with the long awaited EP African Boy 3


The latest Blank Spaces Records project African Boy 3 has 7 certified ‘bangers’ and features more great musicians such as Sauwcy, 2woshort and Henwood. The project also pays tribute to the late musical giant Oliver Mtukudzi on the single “Mwari Anewe” which comes as a tribute to the original version “Neria.” 

“What inspired this song is that Oliver is encouraging Neria telling her that God is with her so her heart should be troubled. This something my Aunt use to say to me before I lost her to Covid-19”

African Boy 3 is a beautifully arranged project that is delivered in shona and english, a depiction of where FakeAno places himself in the African diaspora. The melodies and instrumentals are inspired by other African acts such as Burna Boy and Wizkid, which brings in the much loved Southern African Afrobeat sound that FakeAno refers to as Southy Beats. 

This Southy Beats sound is heard clearly in records such as “Into The Night” and “No Sleep” which features the rising female rap sensation Sauwcy, where the amapiano inspired log drum sound is used in a different way to emphasise the southern influences FakeAno has grown up hearing. 

Track 6, titled “Huyai Mose” is an encouragement for africans to come together in order to overcome our differences and similarities, this Master KG inspired record features the Ba Straata hitmaker 2woShort who gives us a different version of his vocal abilities by singing Zulu sounding melodies and then switching back to his original flow which we all love. 

African Boy 3 ends with a record titled “Home” which features the Malawian platinum selling artist and producer Henwood. This song has both artists expressing how they dream of home since they live in diaspora, with some extra vocals to help them out. The song gives off a choir-like backing, similar to Kanye Wests’ Sunday Service Choir but on some afro beats.

African Boy 3 is set to cement FakeAno’s sound into the rest of Africa and the world as he’s set to be touring the continent and elsewhere very soon. He will be sharing his music to his fans and beyond in ways unimagined with this tour, for now, enjoy the finally complete trilogy that is African Boy 3.


African Boy 3 Tracklist:

Mwari Anewe 

Ndeip Genge 

Fallen Angel

Into The Night

No Sleep ft Sauwcy

Huyai Mose (Come Together)ft 2woShort

Home ft Henwood

Listen to African Boy  & African Boy 2


YouTube: @fakeano

Instagram: @fakeano_

Facebook: FakeAno


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