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Johannesburg 21 April 2023 – My new project is inspired by all the interactions I have had with people, moments I’ve shared with them, and all the feelings associated with all the experiences life has thrown my way”- GudGuy.

GudGuy has shown a remarkable amount of ambition in recent years. Since he started doing music, he has consistently touched the hearts of his small but devoted fanbase with melodious and carefully crafted songs that embrace life’s quiet moments of beauty. His newest Extended project continues that theme.

“I also want to mention that I would not be able to get the work done without the continual support and vision of my producer ‘Spiro Beats’.Thank you, bro, for believing in my talent and for shaping me into the musician I am today. Thank you to Gracax, King Deepar, and Malcomplicated for also contributing their talents on this masterpiece of a project.”- GudGuy

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