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Johannesburg, 14th July 2023 – Today, the so ever hardworking duo drops their anticipated Debut album titled ‘You Want Some More’. This album comprises of South Africa’s powerhouse artists such as Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai, Tyler ICU, Khuli Chana, Magleradoeboy, caask_asid just to name a few.

The duo shared their track list on social media and their fans have been receiving it quite positively, looking forward to the album drop, the focus track being Karika – Stino Le Thwenny Featuring Khuli Chana.


When asked about what inspired ‘You want some more’ the duo said:

What inspired you want some more is the people, our fans, since we dropped Mshimane and Tsele and having our hardcore fans that know our old music they felt that it’s time now South Africa hears what’s being cooked in the free State, they felt like the sound is ready to be part of the whole industry.

How was working with South Africa’s powerhouse artists and how did you guys manage to bring them in studio?

It was an honour because we are really fans of the people we featured on the album.

Some of them were in studio with us and some unfortunately we had to work in separate spaces because of different schedules and distance sometimes but the songs came out like we were in the same studio, the energy was unmatched.

Having your idols and people who make music that you love on a song with you it’s just an exciting feeling on its own. We’ve been excited about the album ever since.

The nerve wrecking side of it was working with someone you’ve been idolizing for so long, them watching you work and hoping they love it- The urge of making a monumental song with the opportunity presented is just a feeling we’ll never forget.

All in all, the journey of the album was a beautiful one.

When asked about what they are most excited about for this project and what should people look forward to they said:

What we most excited about for this project, is the variety that people are going to hear from Stino le Thwenny and having music out that will have us interacting with our fans, giving new fans a chance to fall in love with the music ,what sound they love more, and how much more they love that sound, what they don’t like maybe and just getting closer and making the music better to suit our fans. People should be looking forward to the features on the album and finding your favourite song on the album.

this world class music international album that represents us as a nation.

We believe all 16 songs will be someone’s favourite song after listening to the album let us know what’s your favourite song.

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