Introducing the new Flying Fish Dry Apple Premium Flavoured Beer – a refreshing and innovative take in the most unexpected way.

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Flying Fish proudly launches its latest variant, Flying Fish Dry Apple Premium Flavoured Beer, exclusively for South Africa’s FLYest consumers. This unique addition to the beloved premium flavoured beer family offers real flavour for genuine refreshment, delivering a crisp and flavourful experience that is known on the streets as ‘dry’.

Anticipated with excitement, Flying Fish Dry Apple boasts a refreshing fruity infusion, available in both a 330ml NRB (Non-Returnable Bottle) and a 500ml CAN. As South Africa’s most loved premium flavoured beer, Flying Fish Dry Apple strikes a delightful balance between bitterness and sweetness, offering a crisp and invigorating taste. Its dry apple infusion is sure to captivate both beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers seeking a refreshing twist.

Following the tremendous success of the brand since its inception in 2013, the addition of Flying Fish Dry Apple promises to elevate your party moments and enhance your hosting skills with your mates to a whole new level. Imagine sharing a drink live with seasoned comic Barry Hilton in a real-life experience, or having after-work drinks with your mates at Cracker Zacks bar, Rosebank, alongside astronauts, a mermaid, and a guy in a horse suit – all in the name of the next star of the show: The apple of your eyes, Flying Fish Dry Apple.

Solam Mbana, Head of Brand at Flying Fish, expresses the excitement surrounding the highly anticipated Flying Fish Dry Apple, as it becomes the offspring of the first-ever premium flavoured beer in the market. “We are thrilled at the prospect of this new variant being everything Unexpected and more, meeting the high standards of our consumer base,” says Solam Mbana.

Flying Fish Dry Apple Premium Flavour Beer guarantees to impress in highly curious ways. Whether Flying Fish fans are seeking the next party trick or simply want to unwind after a long day, Dry Apple is sure to hit the spot.

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