Isitha The Enemy – 6 Feet Under

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Johannesburg – 6 Feet Under. Prince Mbuso, son of Chief Ngwenya of eSwatini, makes it his mission to follow both Chuma and Bandze back to South Africa. He aims to get as much intel on what the two are up to in eSwatini, knowing that they are fugitives.

Mbuso wants to regain his father’s respect by finding them and getting justice. After a few weeks of stalking Chuma, he discovers his real name and family. He also finds out that Bandze is part of an illicit cigarette syndicate. Then, he finally discovers where Nomcebo has been hiding all this time.

Mbuso yearns for his mother’s love and decides to leave clues behind that will remind her of his love. Sadly enough, he did not get the reaction he anticipated as instead, she became paranoid. Meanwhile as he continues to snoop, he finds Chuma and Bandze digging up the bodies of the royal guards, including the body of Sgara. The two men are puzzled to notice that it’s Mbuso who just caught them in the act. But Chuma takes it upon himself to shut Mbuso up permanently and hits him on the head with a shovel. Will Mbuso live to see another day?

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