Imacsoul spreads his wings and invades the Northern Cape as he introduces fans to his smash his record Ushuni

  • Woshuni at the Kimberley Cultural Picnic:
  • “A Harmonious Fusion of Tswana and New Age Maskandi”

KIMBERLEY, 07 December 2023 — Brace yourselves for a groundbreaking musical experience as Kimberley proudly unveils the inaugural Kimberley Cultural Picnic. This unique festival marks a fusion of Tswana rhythms and New Age Maskandi melodies, bringing together two cultural powerhouses Imacsoul, a celebrated advocate of his roots, and the esteemed King of Zululand. Scheduled to take place on 15th of December, at the Gums Tarven – the Kimberley Cultural Picnic promises a cultural celebration that transcends boundaries, showcasing a musical dialogue between Tswana and Zulu traditions.

Event Highlights:
Imacsoul’s Cultural Showcase: Imacsoul, known for passionately embracing and celebrating his Zulu roots, will headline the festival, offering a heartfelt performance that resonates with the rich heritage of Zulu drum. Get ready to dance from dusk till dawn as ‘The Dove of Africa’ takes you on a festive, rhythm-infused ride you won’t want to miss. Immerse yourself in the beats and melodies of this chart- topping sensation and let the music carry you away.

we caught up with Imacsoul and this is what he had to say: “I once worked in the Northern Cape but it was way before i was a musician. Going back this time around as a world known New Age Maskandi artists having shared the stages with the icon Sjava, Aubrey Qwana but to name a few brings so much job as i am destined to inspire people that i may come from a rural town called Nongoma but my destiny is set in the stars” Says IMACSOUL

Artist Lineup:
Imacsoul Maru

Gase Pula


Ole on the Mic


Beautiful Soul

Man Deep


Soulful PTP

Master of Ceremonies (MC): K9-Star

Do’s and Don’t for the event

  1. Do use the hashtags #KimbereleyCulturalPicnic #KCP #GumsTarven #ImacsoulKBY
  2. stay hydrated!
  3. take pictures and use the hashtags.
  4. Stay safe where you could be easily spotted by security guards.
  5. Do not carry a weapon. All patrons will be searched for any weapons and sharp objects.
  6. Abuse towards service staff and other patrons will not be tolerated – patrons may be removed is any
    issues arise.
  7. No cooler bags are allowed, all food and drinks will be serves in the venue.
  8. Do not park your car outside and disturb the peace – loud music from personal cars will be towed.