Embracing Earth Month: The Walt Disney Company and National Geographic Unveil ourHOME, a Global Cross-Platform Celebration

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  • Innovative Collaboration: Explore the synergistic partnership between The Walt Disney Company and National Geographic as they merge their storytelling prowess to champion environmental conservation through ourHOME.
  • Empowering Narratives: Delve into the riveting tales showcased within ourHOME, shedding light on impactful initiatives like Disney Planet Possible and featuring captivating content that inspires action and reverence for our planet.
  • Interactive Engagement: Discover how audiences worldwide can participate in the ourHOME movement by tuning in to a myriad of captivating content across platforms, igniting a collective passion to safeguard and celebrate the beauty of ourHOME.

In a dazzling fusion of creativity and conservation, the Walt Disney Company and National Geographic have joined forces to unveil a breathtaking global initiative: ourHOME. Timed perfectly to synchronize with the reverent Earth Month of April, this celestial campaign aims to illuminate the remarkable endeavors both within and beyond our sphere that safeguard, rejuvenate, and exalt ourHOME. At its core, it’s a celebration of the guardians, the narrators, and the enchanters who tirelessly strive to preserve the sanctity of our shared planet.

For eons, Disney has woven tales that unravel the tapestry of our planet’s marvels, while National Geographic has been an unwavering beacon, beckoning us to delve deeper into the embrace of our world. Now, these two titans of storytelling have synchronized their cosmic dance to pay homage to the celestial orb we call home, igniting the spark within each of us to sculpt a brighter destiny.

Prepare to be enraptured as ourHOME unfurls a tapestry of spellbinding narratives, spotlighting the valiant efforts under the banner of Disney Planet Possible. This noble commitment pledges concrete action towards nurturing a thriving habitat for both humanity and wildlife alike. A digital odyssey awaits, as National Geographic luminaries embark on a pilgrimage to Walt Disney World Resort, bearing witness to the transformative work firsthand.

Meanwhile, on the celestial stage of Disney+, a celestial ballet unfolds with the launch of an exclusive ourHOME content collection. Here, the finest storytellers and visionaries converge to extol the virtues of our celestial abode. From the resplendent majesty of “Queens” to the microscopic wonders of “A Real Bug’s Life,” every tale whispers an ode to ourHOME’s infinite splendor. And let us not forget the mesmerizing odysseys of Disneynature, encapsulating the raw beauty of our natural world.

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As Earth Day dawns, the veil is lifted on Nat Geo’s latest opus, “Secrets of the Octopus,” a mesmerizing journey into the depths narrated by the mellifluous tones of Paul Rudd. Simultaneously, the lush jungles of India come alive with the premiere of Disneynature’s “Tiger,” a poignant saga of motherhood and resilience narrated by the ethereal Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

But the celebration doesn’t end there. A stirring television spot, graced by the venerable voice of Morgan Freeman, dances across screens throughout the month, a poignant reminder of our sacred duty to safeguard ourHOME.

Venture deeper into the heart of ourHOME with the ourHOME Digital Series, where luminaries like Alex Honnold and Mariana Van Zeller traverse the enchanting landscapes of Walt Disney World, unveiling the symbiotic dance between humanity and habitat.

Courteney Monroe, the luminary President of National Geographic, encapsulates the essence of this cosmic odyssey: “We hope, by sharing this passion, that we can also inspire others to protect, restore and celebrate our home.”

And in the words of Yalmaz Siddiqui, the visionary Vice President of Environmental Sustainability at The Walt Disney Company, “We hope the ourHOME campaign with Nat Geo helps bring greater awareness of the beauty and majesty of our planet to audiences everywhere.”

As the curtain rises on this celestial symphony, let us heed the call to arms and embark on a voyage to safeguard ourHOME, for it is not just a destination, but a legacy for generations to come.

Tune in to the celestial chorus:

Embark on the journey at www.DisneyPlus.com.

National Geographic Wild:
Unlock the mysteries on DSTV Channel 182 or StarSat Channel 221 (DTH), 221 (DTT).

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