The pedestrianized trading area stretching from Cavendish Square to Cavendish Connect, spanning from Warwick Street in the south to Vineyard Road in the north, forms the vibrant heart of the Cavendish Square shopping district. Once an ordinary vehicular route, this now bustling pedestrian zone has been a home to informal traders on the pavements for many years.

In alignment with the extensive interior upgrades recently completed in Cavendish Square, we are excited to announce a corresponding enhancement of the outdoor area. This project aims to seamlessly connect the shopping centers with the street, transforming it into an attractive and secure space. Additionally, it will provide improved working conditions for the traders, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into this vibrant environment.

The outdoor area has long been known for its quaint and trendy shopping atmosphere. However, its exposed outdoor nature has often hampered the operations of traders due to adverse weather conditions, making it difficult to sustain their businesses. The refurbishment will empower these traders, offering them lock-up stores and kiosks while preserving the unique character of the space. Furthermore, traders will have access to Wi-Fi connectivity, and stalls will be equipped with electricity and water.

Recognizing the potential of this project, both the traders and Old Mutual Property have decided to collaborate to maximize the appeal of the street. During the renovation period, traders will participate in a comprehensive business coaching program that covers various aspects such as marketing, finance, operations, business strategy, and logistics. They will also be equipped with digital payment processes to enable visitors to make purchases using credit cards and smartphone apps like SnapScan when the market reopens.

Construction work commenced on site in July 2023, and the renovations are scheduled to be completed before the 2023 festive season, ensuring that traders can benefit from increased foot traffic in the area during this period.

This upgrade is being carried out by Old Mutual Property, the owner of the adjacent Cavendish Square shopping center. The Dreyer Street upgrade project is the result of long-standing partnerships and collaborations between Old Mutual Property, Cavendish Square, the Claremont Traders Association, and the City of Cape Town.

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