Makoya Bearings in the House. DJ Tira makes an appearance on Smoke & Mirrors.

Johannesburg – When we say “Tshiki Tshiki Tsaa” what comes to mind?

Yep, Durban’s finest, the one and only DJ Tira will be landing on our TV screens! The legendary Afrotainment boss will make a cameo appearance as himself, on the show from the 10th of October at 9PM

The story written around him involves Dudu’s shenanigans with Magolide. After stealing Mamiki’s boyfriend, she has now also taken her business idea. And to rub salt into her wound, she decides to host a launch party for her production – with the DJ hired on the ones and twos being the one and only DJ Tira.

Watch DJ Tira as he dabbles in acting from the 10th of October at 9PM on Smoke & Mirrors