Galaybanton HERE for the win!

Johannesburg 20 April 2020 – When local artist around South Africa dream of not only building their brands within their local territory, they look far into the distances and envision themselves entertaining a whole new market in a foreign land an this was the case for singer, songwriter and dancer Stephen Olaitan Oladeji who is better known by his stage name Galaybanton.

Galaybanton who originally hails from Lagos Nigeria started his musical journey at the tender age of 13. Seeing that music could be a real career for Galaybanton, he drew inspirations from the King of Pop – Michael Jackson, 2pac and Tuface Idibia which later from his icons world spark the passion and energy for pop and afro beat bangers which can be heard in his debut single ‘Weekend” along with spicy African and bass drums.

To date this rising star has worked with the likes of grammy nominated Kel-P and Bongani Fassie but to name a few. Recently in a star studded media filled event Galaybanton launch his single titled Weekend which is fast making its rounds on the airwaves.

We at Dannywired got to chat with Galaybanton and this is how it went.

Describe yourself using 3 words?
Ambitious, Creative, & Committed.

Tell us about your musical journey?
It has been one of a roller-coaster and one of the biggest blessings. My environment, friends and surroundings have afforded me opportunities, have allowed me to work with some of the most talented people on the planet right now. The journey started at a prime age and solidified its way through the years – reassuring me that this is a talent I cannot ever walk away from. The track ignited when I moved to South Africa – but having my name shared and disturbed all over Africa, has been the goal and the best part of the journey so far.

Why did you decide to venture your brand in South Africa?
I thought it would provide me with a lot alternatives & opportunities. I did it for the sake of my music – the things we do for our kids – comes with great sacrifice or compromise, however a non regrettable decision, I know I’m guided by Eledumare, I put a lot of faith and trust in this fate. The brand seems to be flourishing here – across Africa, not just for or from or because of SA. I think it was a good strategy to be African diverse.

What was your first song you ever wrote and what was the inspiration behind it?
It was a sweet piece called “Be my valentine” – 15 years ago. It was about a good girl, young love, in high school – when I still believed in love. I love that music allowed me to express new, powerful feelings about love. Being in school and being a man – Valentines day laid out the possibilities for a young blood to create connections.

Out of the mega superstars you have worked with, who was your favourite?

Kiddominant & Bongani Fasi – hands down.

Who would you still want to work with and why?
Kiddominant and Kel P, I still have the pleasure and honour of working with the Grammy nominated Kel P and its been a trip. We are releasing something soon – for a spoiler.

Tell us about your single Weekend?
Weekend is Afro pop although it forced me to experiment with new sounds and birthed a fusion of perfect poppy tones. My fans say its rather Catchy – once you listen to it – its in your head for the day. It was inspired by a dedicated week day grind and celebrating or being able to – almost every weekend. The song itself represents me perfectly – the hook and the art I’m about, so releasing it as my first solo single was calculated – I’m content.

What was the thought process behind the creation of the music video?
It was to properly and carefully epitomize a Jiggy boy weekend. I got to co produce and sole direct it – so to debut my videography skills was a lot of fun. It was interesting to learn as we worked – there is nothing like knowledge through experience and I think it shows in the music video. It was also about showing off a lifestyle we work so hard for during the week and celebrating or popping it off during the weekend.

Are you planning on releasing a full body of work?

Where to from here?
I love keeping busy – keeps me creative and sane. Music is my escape, my therapy, my life and soul – I’m perpetually hungry for new sounds, I’m currently working on secret projects – to add to the above question. Release dates and times are crucial for an artist, we consider seasons – years, award dates – etc.

I will release EP and my debut album once I’m completely content with every aspect and detail. I’ve also been working on my apparel line, on an online store which will be available for worldwide shipping soon – so look out for that. My company is my empire – building Oduduwa Music Group is priority.

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