Johannesburg, 11 September 2020: This September, the NESTLÉ NESPRAY Math’s Moment returns with a brand-new feature added to the weekly WhatsApp Quiz to provide parents with Math questions and answers designed for learners in Grade 1 to 3. Every Saturday, learners get to answer a quiz aimed at developing their confidence in Mathematics while bonding with their parent/guardian.

The NESTLÉ NESPRAY Math’s Moment has been improved with a Chatbot feature to provide answers and formulas to Math questions any time of the day within the set 24hr response time.

“The annual NESTLÉ NESPRAY Math’s Moment aims to improve critical thinking skills for children aged 6 – 8 years, parents and guardians are encouraged to opt-in to the WhatsApp Quiz to build their children’s confidence in mathematics and also provide the little ones an opportunity to sharpen their general reasoning and problem-solving skills,” stated Pumla Mkhize, Category Marketing Manager Ambient Dairy at Nestlé South Africa.

The WhatsApp Math Quiz Chatbot is another way to demonstrate NESTLÉ NESPRAY’s commitment to drive and encourage parents/guardians to spend quality time with their children, whilst making Mathematics learning as a fun and enjoyable weekly exercise. The NESTLÉ NESPRAY Math’s Moment seeks to empower learners from the foundation phase to become independent, creative individuals who are able to interpret and critically analyse everyday situations.

Join the NESTLÉ NESPRAY Math’s Moment which is set to put parents/guardians and learner’s critical-thinking skills to the test and stand a chance to walk away with a weekly R500 airtime prize.

How to join the NESTLÉ NESPRAY Math’s Moment

Step 1: Opt-in by texting “HI” to 061 483 3559 to join.
Step 2: The NESTLÉ NESPRAY SA Math’s Moment WhatsApp chatbot will automatically send a welcome message, confirm your registration and outline the functionality of the chatbot. Thereafter, the WhatsApp chatbot will prompt you to share a few details to enable the chatbot to personalise your experience.
Step 3: Questions will be shared on Saturday morning and you will have 24 hours to send in your answers. Once the participant has submitted their answers, they will get a response immediately letting them know whether the answer was correct or not. Thereafter, they will receive step by step instructions on how to get to the correct answer
Step 4: On the last day of the competition, the NESTLÉ NESPRAY team will send a message notifying you that the competition has closed. The WhatsApp Quiz runs between September 2020 and February 2021.  

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