Pro Monate releases new single, Teka You, with EP pre-add

Johannesburg, Tuesday, 1 December 2020 – Amapiano’s new school leader, Vth Season artist, Pro Monate, has just released a new single titled Teka You featuring Leon Lee, off his upcoming debut EP, Wrong Ke Right, due for release this December.

Teka You is an Amapiano love song narrated in Xitsonga. It means ‘I choose you’ and tells a story of two people who are very in love with each other but with distance between them. The guy finally returns having made a name for himself – in a new car, new money and enough to give her everything he could not before.

“I hope people will enjoy the song. It’s told in a beautiful language that I believe people will resonate with and thanks to Leon Lee’s vocals, we were able to get the message across beautifully,” shares Pro Monate.

Pre-add Pro Monate’s debut EP, Wrong Ke Right, and get Teka You now:

Teka You follows a string of single releases this year that have positioned Pro Monate as an artist to watch. Make sure to connect with him and @VthSeason on social media for more music news and   pre-add his debut EP, Wrong Ke Right, today –

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