Popular international artist R&B and jazz artist, Chris Walker, releases brand new music to our ears this Friday 9th April via Gallo Record Company in South Africa, with a touching song titled ‘See Me Now’.

The song was initially penned by Chris to his wife of many years, as he realised that they had begun to drift apart during the later years of their marriage and features not only his incredibly talented and recognisable voice and melodic keyboard strokes, but also powerful lyrics that reach right to the core of one’s soul.

“I am here for you, I’ll take care of you, I’ll be faithful and true, all this love I have for you, if you could see me now…”

This song is one for the lovers, be they old or new, for those who are thinking about that someone special that may be missing in their lives, or as a remembrance of love long ago – Chris’s beautiful melody will reach out to each and every one.

Says Chris about the song “When our son left home for college and we became empty nesters, my wife and I had to rediscover our lives together.  We drifted apart because our focus was primarily on him and not our marriage.”

“We continued to love and respect each other, but something was missing.  I wrote ‘See Me Now’ to reassure and remind my wife that I was still here for her. Our marriage has blossomed into a beautiful rose and God has allowed us to enjoy and cherish our journey together”, adds Chris.

Chris Walker’s ‘See Me Now’ is available on all major digital platforms here,

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