Yanga and Paxton collaborate on the brand new single ‘Catch Me’

Johannesburg 7 May 2021 – Yanga Sobetwa, former IDOLS SA winner and one of SA’s fastest rising stars, releases her much anticipated single ‘Catch Me’ feat Paxton across all digital platforms today.

‘Catch Me’ brings together two former IDOLS SA winners and celebrates a first in the history of the coveted competition with this collaboration, bringing two of the most incredible voices together on a track that will warm the hearts of fans everywhere. 

The single is accompanied with the release of the music video and Yanga can’t wait for everyone to see it, saying “I am very excited for the release of both the single and music video. I am hoping the music video creates interest and is loved by our supporters. It was also really awesome working with Paxton on the song and I hope the public is happy with the work we have put together.”

Watch the music video for ‘Yanga – Catch Me (feat. Paxton)’

‘Catch Me’, first released on Yanga’s album ‘Promised Land’, centres around the power of young love and being there for each other through thick or thin. The crafty blend of both artists’ voices, create a captivating single that has the listener caught up on cloud no 9 from start to finish.

Two of the youngest talents in SA, both Yanga and Paxton were only 17 years old when they were respectively crowned winners of Idols SA – Yanga announced as winner of Season 14 in 2018 and Paxton the year before for Season 13 in 2017.

Paxton echoes Yanga’s excitement for fans to hear the single and see the music video, adding “Being a part of the ‘Catch Me’ feature was so exciting, especially working with another Idols winner because it’s never been done before! The fact that we got to do a music video in lockdown was such a blessing and so much fun to shoot! I’m so hyped for you guys to see the music video, hope you enjoy!”

‘Yanga – Catch Me (feat Paxton)’ is out now across all digital platforms

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