Sawubona Hotspot….

A WhatsApp posting from one of these days read “ once I realize I am sharing you, I’ll just leave you alone. I want a soulmate not a Hotspot “….

This at first glance cracked me up of course, imagine being in a relationship and your partner starts ghosting you. You probe wanting to understand why, kodwa uya blue tikishwa sana and calls are not being answered and when they finally answer their phone after numerous attempts, the voice on the other side says “ Sawubona Hotspot”…LOL ! I can even imagine it from a xhosa person ngala voice ye si menyo “ hayi mandoyiswe molo wethu Hotspot” LOL dead!

After entertaining my overactive imagination I realised, yi ma ke this is serious. What is a hotspot ? Let me indulge you, in layman’s terms, a hotspot is a shared space. According to google a hotspot is a place of significant activity, danger, or violence. It is also explained as a public place where a wireless signal is made available so that the internet can be accessed.  

If we put it in context with an individual, the internet would be your vibrations, your aura, your soul. Hayi i thand’uba serious ke lento, yes it is! Every intimate moment you share, kissing, tloftlof, laying in close proximity to each other, even holding hands involves energy transfer. This is why people hit up when indulging in such it is a result of two energies coming together.

We don’t realise often just how serious it is to mind who you surround yourself with, even in ordinary relations. Growing up we were never allowed to have sleepovers at friends’ houses, and my grandfather’s response was that “ni za ku hamba ni cholana nemimoya emizini yabantu, ni ze ngayo apha ekhaya. Se sixakwa zii ngulo esi nga zaziyo, kanti yi mi moya” Simply put, he didn’t want us bringing back home energies from the different houses, because in a different environment those energies mixed with others could turn into a disease we battle with and no knowledge of how to resolve it.

Of course we thought my grandfather was being extra…ha ha ha , little did we know, the joke was on us. Look at the word disease…..dis/ease it is misalignment, disconnection, uncomfortable….Yep, he was on the ball.

Needless to say the more people you interact with, the more generous you are with sharing your energies meaning, depleting yourself of you and filling it with more of the foreign. It shouldn’t be a problem because we love being loved by everyone right ? Hhee hayi ke ungotheni lo u thandwa ngu mntu wonke ? Hayi sana relax, she’s a peoples’ person u ne public persona. But where is the her that defines her being….yep, makes you think doesn’t it.

Similarly in  intimate relationships, every partner you are with casts a string of their persona in you, which means you carry them and everything they walk with, as in EVERYTHING. If; 

  • baya loya nawe sewuya loya, 
  • they have slept with 1000 partners, take that number and add to your number of people you’ve slept with…. Yep that’s you,
  • you are an accessory to murder if they or any of their past partners have ever killed and this extends to made abortions and or caused miscarriages.

Every living thing carries with it an energy that is likely transferable, ndi tsho usiya kwi Sangoma li ku gcabe insist on knowing what they are using on these things we blade you with, especially if the concoction includes animal parts. Things used for power or to attract power, to enhance your reading abilities as a healer wanna be, to give you a dignified position in church as a prophet wanna be, have repercussions. Yes I am saying “wanna be” because if you truly are gifted in any field you will use your natural gift without man made enhancements. 

You take a dog’s nose to enhance your sniffing skills, an eagle’s eye to enhance your visions, a lion’s heart to enhance your fierceness, mix these up with a few other herbs and different animal fat, uya gcaba. Surprise surprise….we start wondering why the gobela starts sleeping with the mathwasane. Yes but of course he will, they have taken the persona of the dog, the eagle, the lion and all the other animals whose fat was used…..dduuuhh, and you thought the nose goes alone….ha ha ha no darling it goes with sticking your thing everywhere you see an opening. 

Now what to do, aku ncono si yekeni vele umjolo the pandemic na le social life ? Cleanse cleanse cleanse cleanse ! Rid yourself of all the burdens of the company you keep. Qaphela as well that you are not a prisoner of your convictions . What do I mean? Let not the knowledge of what you know about energy transfers limit your decision making. If it doesn’t serve you anymore, leave, cleanse and leave the hotspot alone.  It also doesn’t help you cleansing and getting back to the same mud, the cleansing you did becomes null and void. You wonder next time you go to a healer for a cleansing you are charged 3 times more the price you were charged last time why, your ancestors are harsher on you because you went back knowing better and you chose to wrestle with the pigs.

A khe si qapheleni imi hambo yethu, mind your ways people don’t come with labels like clothes, I can imagine what the labels would read;

  • Greasy – Please soak before wash
  • Wet – Just tumble dry
  • Soiled – RUN_beyond repair