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26 August 2022, South Africa – Vogue launches as a premium lifestyle entertainment boutique and restaurant and bar in the heart of Rustenburg, Tlhabane. 

Rustenburg is home to the two largest platinum mines in the world and the world’s largest platinum refinery, and is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, friendly people, and diverse culture. Vouge Lounge is one of the few places where you can wine and dine, and lounge within the same property or establishment.

The lounge is designed with the high-end clientele in mind, who enjoy their premium beverages such as champagne, cognac or whisky, with a lounge setting with four to 10-seater lounges to accommodate groups.

Asked about this year’s plans, he said they will continue giving people the world-class service and bringing the greatest local & international entertainment.

We had a chat with a representative from the establishment to find out the safety of the venue and their toilet situation and this is what they had say “ patrons can rest assured with the safety levels of the establishment. We currently work with a security company”. From our point of view security measure have been taken care of and it was demonstrated to us how efficient the security company is with their response time. “As per the toilet situation we don’t have toilets in our establishment but there are toilets one shop away. In the evening the doors going into the mall are closed which insures that there won’t be people wondering around. There are also mall security guards who patrol the area to insure that there the mall is safe after dark”

Vouge Lounge is located on the corner of Swartruggens Road, Monareng Street, at Tlhabane Sqaure. We are open from Monday – Sunday 12:00PM – 02:00AM

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