BREAKING NEWS: stars return for uBettina Wethu

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Johannesburg introduces uBettina Wethu on Tuesday 11th of April at 8.30PM

uBettina Wethu (Our Betty) is a melodramatic romcom telling the story of Bettina Sikhakane, a kind-hearted, smart but quirky young woman with a dream of running her own business. The series explores the core themes of belonging, self-worth and the struggle against societal expectations, while Betty faces endless trials and tribulations making a name for herself in the brand-management industry.

As Betty settles into her leadership position as the accounts manager at Nubia, she faces new moral dilemmas. She must now learn to make hard decisions that impact people she knows and loves, like Dipudi, as well as those who want to see her ‘stay in her place’, like Brandon, Lakhe and Tbang. Betty’s boundaries and loyalty will be challenged as she tries to establish a new working relationship with Dingaan, while getting romantically involved with his half-brother, Archie. As the sole breadwinner at home, Bettina’s love for her family will be tested to the limit as she tries to gain independence from them.

The dynamic new comedy show based in Johannesburg also brings back wildly popular Rhythm City and Scandal! stars Hungani Ndlovu, Kamogelo Molatlhoe, Itumeleng Bokaba and Brighton Ngoma.

Catch uBettina Wethu from the 11th of April 2023, Monday – Fridays at 8.30PM

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