Bheki Sibiya Joins Isitha The Enemy as Solly Gumede – 23 August 2023

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In a surprising turn of events, Bheki Sibiya takes on the role of Solly Gumede and will debut on 23 August 2023.

A blast from the past arrives at the Sokhulu household during the late hours of the night, leaving Nomsa utterly unprepared for the identity of the visitor: Bab Gumede. He’s the man who once held Nomsa’s heart and is the father of Chuma, Khaya, and Thenjiwe. He asserts that his return is sincere and that he longs to rekindle a relationship with his children, as well as make amends with Nomsa.

Solly is, at his core, a good man, but he grapples with a wandering eye and possesses a silver tongue that has made him a true ladies’ man. His past is complex, and his ex, Rebecca Mabuza, adds another layer of concern. Is it wise for Nomsa to trust that Solly has left his Casanova lifestyle behind? Moreover, does he deserve Nomsa’s forgiveness?

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