The Impact of Olinda Chapel and Gain Healthcare

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  • Revolutionizing Supported Living: Gain Healthcare, founded by Olinda Chapel, provides 24-hour support to individuals with learning disabilities and mental health disorders, using a person-centered approach to foster independence and community integration.
  • Commitment to Training and Empowerment: With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Olinda emphasizes regular training and development for her team. Monthly meetings and supervision sessions ensure staff growth and high-quality care for tenants.
  • Expanding Global Reach: Building on international success, Olinda is launching a premium staffing agency and healthcare facility in South Africa, underscoring her dedication to promoting healthy living and wellness through inclusive decision-making and comprehensive support.

Olinda Chapel, the founder of Gain Healthcare, an internationally recognized healthcare and wellness service, is making a significant impact in the lives of patients, one individual at a time. Gain Healthcare provides 24-hour support to individuals with learning disabilities and mental health disorders.

Supported living, a model gaining attention in the UK and the US, offers community living arrangements for individuals and groups with disabilities. This approach supports both the individuals and their families by helping them maintain or regain their independence within their local communities. Gain Healthcare achieves this through a person-centered approach that emphasizes the regular training of its healthcare workers.

Olinda believes that achieving the organization’s objectives relies on regular meetings and training sessions, which she considers crucial for attaining the desired goals.


With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Olinda emphasizes that the primary aim of assisted living is to provide a safe and homely environment that promotes empowerment, independence, and choice. This environment enhances the daily living skills of the tenants, enabling them to transition to less supported settings.

Following her international success, Olinda Chapel is set to launch a premium staffing agency and healthcare facility in South Africa. This initiative reflects her deep commitment to promoting healthy living and wellness through an inclusive decision-making process.

“Where possible, we involve tenants in the decision-making process that affects the service we provide them,” she explains. “Each supported living property holds monthly tenants’ meetings, giving everyone the opportunity to express their feelings, viewpoints, and ideas. Tenants are also supported in accessing external advocacy services.”

Olinda prioritizes the training and development of her team through regular meetings and sessions to ensure both team and individual growth. “Team meetings for the staff occur monthly, alongside individual supervision sessions for each member, allowing staff to share their opinions and feedback with the Registered Manager,” she says. “The company conducts annual surveys for both staff and tenants. All tenants and those involved in their care are informed about the service’s complaints policy and are encouraged to provide feedback through individual reviews and family forums.”

The training programs include health and safety, fire awareness, infection control, first aid, and other health-related services.

“As a specialist Health and Social Care Company, we live and breathe the care sector. That, together with our honest and friendly approach, ensures that a growing number of our clients look to us for their needs. Our teams deliver a personal service that meets your needs. We are dedicated to meeting your need for temporary nursing and care staff, homecare services and provision of supported living. Our staff have extensive experience in the health care sector – hospitals, nursing homes and home care. We will respond quickly and reliably to all your requirements. Our commitment is to match your needs with the right service.

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Gain Health’s Supported Living Service is designed for people of all ages and race groups require medium to complex needs.

How does the process work?

According to Olinda, the Gain Healthcare’s referral process begins with an inquiry, by telephone, email or letter. The service will then ask for a referral form to be completed giving brief information about the potential tenant and their support needs. Professionals from the multi-disciplinary team can complete this form and from there, a provisional review of this information is then undertaken to assess whether the service can potentially meet the needs of the individual being referred. 

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If the service feels they can meet the person’s needs, a full assessment will then be arranged with the potential tenant and their care team.

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