Nadia Nakai’s got the Bragga Rights as Moziak Magazine’s latest cover star

A birthday cover edition, Nadia Nakai celebrates her birthday on the latest cover of Moziak Magazine.

“I’ve reached a point in my career where I don’t really have anything to prove anymore – I don’t even have to compete for the title of being ‘the best’ anything. My track record speaks for itself,” shares Nadia Nakai in her in-depth exclusive interview with Moziak Magazine.

In the exclusive, Nadia Nakai opens up about paying her dues in the industry, and finally being in a space where she is now focused on herself, her creative vision and her goals.

“There was no overnight success, but years of blood, sweat, and tears,” adds Nadia Nakai.

Read her full cover story here:

“Nadia Nakai is unapologetically herself and that’s what we love about her. She looks absolutely stunning on our latest cover and opens up beautifully in her cover interview. We are proud of her success. From all of us at Moziak, we wish her a very Happy Birthday!” expresses Blue Mbombo, Creative Producer at Moziak Magazine.

Cover credits: Executive Editor: Sheila Afari / Marketing Wiz: Ninel Musson / Creative Producer: Blue Mbombo

The cover image was shot at Nadia Nakai’s home where she is now creating a space to produce her own content.

“I’ve got a lot I want to explore. I am working on sharpening my content-creation skills,” reveals Nadia Nakai.

Nadia Nakai’s cover follows the highly successful release of Davido’s Moziak cover – whose cover story was picked up globally in the territories such as the US, Canada, UK, France and Australia, amongst several other African countries just to highlight a few.

Moziak Magazine is an online culture publication standing out across the continent and making a mark globally as a go to resource for authentic African content across lifestyle, fashion, beauty, entertainment, business and much more.

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