DJ Kenzhero & Tha Muzik reimagine Lebo Mathosa’s FREE

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Johannesburg, Friday, 11 August 2023—Prolific DJs Kenzhero & Tha Muzik bring along songbird, Zarcia, to take us on a ride down a memory lane in a sonic exploration of the fireball that was Lebo Mathosa by reimagining her hit song, FREE.

“’Free’ is an empowering dance-pop track that became a significant hit for Lebo Mathosa. The song’s lyrics convey a message of liberation and independence, encouraging listeners to break free from societal constraints and embrace their true selves. With its catchy hooks, infectious beats, and Mathosa’scharismatic vocals, ‘Free’ quickly gained popularity and became a chart-topping success in South Africa. This version is performed by Zarcia,” the duo expresses.

With the genius of Vimbs Mavimbs at the helm as the creative director, the duo are reimagining some of the most revered songs of our generation and using some of the most celebrated voices of our time to relay it. What’s Wrong With Groovin? is an immersive experience that will make the listener transcend the boundaries of how they have experienced this offering even while keeping the oven of nostalgia warm. 

The award winning, multi-disciplinary artist, Zarcia, elevates this already magnificent tune to new heights by peppering this iteration with her own flavour and depth while paying homage to the archetype.

You can stream FREE here:

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