Moh Releases Hamba Kahle

Mbongeni ‘Moh’ Mavuso from Durban rose to fame when he and his band member Khanyisa from iZiqhaza came second runner up on the X-Factor South Africa. Shortly after the competition, one of the living legend Oskido took interest in the group and availed himself by mentoring them as their road to fame was knocking on their doors.

Fast forward to today, Moh has been working on getting his solo music career off the ground, Early 2020, Moh and his beloved best friend the late, ‘Biggie’ (Njabulo Zondi) and Shayo collaborated together on a Gqom single titled ‘Lokishi Lami’ which was released on the 28th of February 2020.

Sadly after the release of the song, we lost Biggie due to a pre-existing heart condition. Moh and Charlie Communications both shared the grieve as Biggie was not only an artist but also a friend. The loss of Biggie hit Moh the hardest as they were really close and went way back even before they started working together on their musical journey. Moh’s grieving led to him writing a song that he would dedicate to all those who have lost their loved ones and wanted to bid them farewell. This also helped Moh in grieving his loss as he finds peace and comfort in studio. He named his single ‘Hamba Kahle’ and it features Durban based vocalist ‘Fey’ whose real name is Faith Mpethwane, not forgetting his producer, Njabulo Langa.

One of many reasons why Moh wrote the song was that he saw how a great number of families have been losing their loved ones ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the face of earth and also how those who are still alive have been impacted by losing their loved ones. So with this song Moh hopes to inspire hope and healing in saying ‘Hamba Kahle’ which means ‘Go Well’ to not only those who have died from the pandemic but all the beloved ones who have lost their lives.

The single dropped on the 14th of August 2020 on all digital stores

Where did the journey begin?
My musical journey began started a long time ago – as far back as i can track, i would say it started way back in school where i participated in a lot of choral music/ competition but i really became serious about music when i was in university where i met Khanyisa Mbuthu we as a duo formed a group called Iziqhaza… and i would say that’s round about the time i would say i considered myself as a real artist.
In the year 2011 we enter the Can Do competition hosted by Arthur Mafokate, 2012 we entered SAs Got Talent and in 2014 we entered X-Factor. After countless disappointments we got an opportunity through Oskido to sign a recording deal with Universal x Kalawa where we recorded 3 singles. Being signed wasn’t where i imaged i would end up but i decided to venture as a solo artist to see where the journey will take me.

As an artist what has been your greatest accomplishments?
As an artist i would say being afforded the opportunity to work with Kalawa and Universal cause those are big names in the music industry – i mean its a huge accomplishment for any artist to work with such brands but my latest accomplishment i would say finding Charlie Communication and working with them including releasing my first single with them.

Biggie was great part of your life, what did losing him mean to you?
Biggie played a huge role in my life. He took me out of being cooped up indoors all day, he taught me how to mingle with other people and how to market myself as a brand and a musician. We shared an apartment for about a year together so losing him was like losing a brother and a part of me. Before his passing i featured on a song with him and that really assured me that he really believed in my talent. I will always love him and his soul rest in peace. My latest single is also dedicated to him

Tell us about your latest single?
My latest single is called Hamba Kahle and i featured Fey on it who is a friend of mine based in Durban. After Biggies funeral i was inspired to write a song i felt the world needed to hear mind-you-me i was working on a completely different single. I wanted to write a song which would heal the world because truthfully speaking the world is bleeding. We are as a nation subconsciously depressed and i wrote this song using my own experience, the national experience with people losing loved ones i mean i’m even scared to watch the news because i fear to hear who would be the latest victim to have passed on. This is a healing song but a song which will say Hamba Kahle 2020… The gospel word says ‘singing can heal the bereaved’.

How has the national-wide lock-down affected you and your business as a musician?
The lock-down has affected musician including myself, i mean nurses don’t earn much and when you are a musician and you are used to getting a certain income – you accumulate expenses and knowing your budget you start drafting what you are currently earning and also the potential amount you could receive. We as musicians don’t earn a basic salary so we live on royalties every now then and the performance money which we receive from gigs and when the country pretty much shut down it just cut all potential monies i would have received through gig putting me at a zero income where music is concerned… I mean it affected me emotionally, like when ones not financially stable and you then have to deal with the emotions that come with it – its easy for one to be in a depressive state.

What can we expect from you from the remainder of 2020?
I’m working with Charlie Communication and currently promoting my latest single but the lock-down will guide us on how far and wide we can stretch this latest single. We do hope to go on a radio tour.

Where can fans follow you?
Facebook/ Instagram: @Moh_Music_SA and you can find the link to the song on my Instagram Bio