The Revolution Of Whisky Enjoyment: Say Hello To The Johnnie Cocktail

Johannesburg – Legendary whisky brand, Johnnie Walker leads the whisky drinks revolution with the introduction of a variety of Johnnie Walker cocktails. This festive season, Johnnie Walker will spearhead celebrations around South Africa, introducing a new way to enjoy the world’s most iconic Scotch whisky to the new and avid whisky lover. This past weekend, whisky enthusiasts and friends of the brand gathered at PDL Lifestyle in Soweto to toast to the start of the Festive season, while ushering in the fresh, vibrant, and exciting way to savor the bespoke blend.

While the festive season is a time of celebrations and shared moments with friends and family, Johnnie Walker introduces a contemporary and dazzling way to enjoy social gatherings, as the brand redefines what whisky looks like, how it is consumed, and where it is consumed; making this iconic blend a drink for every occasion, served in the form of a highball cocktail which is sure to intrigue and excite your pallet this season of cheer. 

“With the unprecedented events we faced this year, we have truly learned to savor memories and enjoy moments that linger and that is exactly what the new Johnnie Walker serve aims to convey with the Johnnie Cocktails. Served in a tall glass, garnished with fresh botanicals, an ice-cold mixer, and just the right amount of your favorite blend, this is how you bring the Johnnie cocktail to life.” Said Johnnie Walker Brand Manager, Livhuwani Makungo. 

This festive season, consumers can experience the whisky revolution by visiting their favorite Johnnie Walker hotspots and sampling some exciting and different ways to enjoy the Johnnie cocktail with their friends and families. What you can expect at these hotspots is to enjoy an array of bespoke Johnnie cocktails set against the new world of whisky with the Johnnie Arcade, bringing in vibrancy and a bold experience.

The Johnnie Walker cocktails range from a Johnnie & Ginger Highball for a spicy balance of flavor and fun, or indulge your pallet in a tangy Johnnie & Lemon Highball and for those who crave a sweet and stormy sensation, there is a Johnnie & Peach Highball and lastly if you prefer a classic twist to your drink, you will enjoy the Johnnie & Apple Highball.

Whether served with ginger ale, or soda – a Johnnie cocktail serve is the perfect way to bring in the cheer and treat your guests this festive season. Flavoursome and easy-to-drink, these cocktails are an ideal introduction to the new world of whisky and can be garnished to bring out the individual flavors of Johnnie Walker.

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