Johannesburg- Feminine hygiene brand, Libresse, has launched its most intimate campaign, yet. The compelling initiative empowers women to explicitly share honest, cringe-worthy experiences of womanhood. From the profound diagnosis and fertility treatments, to severe menstrual cycles. The Womb Stories series, features women of various ages and commits to nullify common myths that exist around their complexities. In mid-February 2021, Libresse introduced the powerful stories on its digital pages, collaborating with the voices of ordinary women around the world.

The campaign stems from the social misinterpretations, lack of knowledge and stigma that linger around the female body. Commonly, women are deprived to speak out in confidence and unapologetically about what really happens to their organs- the effects thereof and the process it takes to overcome it. Libresse, as a personal care brand identified this as a concern and set out to drive these important dialogues. It distinguished itself in an audacious manner, outlining and showcasing the gruesome nature to which the uterus and womb experience change. 

The choice of words used are blunt and the visuals portrayed mirror the pain felt during this intimate journey. Endometriosis, Menopause, Hysterectomy and miscarriages are some of the issues that are covered.

“This campaign highlights that a woman’s journey with her body is not simplistic. It reveals the emotional, complicated and sometimes painful realities of women’s intimate experiences. We want to reverse the stigma that is often associated with uteruses, periods and vaginas by encouraging women to have open conversations about their bodies, says Mpho Nojiwa, Marketing Brand Manager of Libresse.  

The campaign will further launch Womb Table, a video segment that will gather doctors and experts, Dr Sindi Van Zyl, Dr Boitumelo Makaulule and Dr Chriselda Kananda to further discuss some of the issues that resonate with South African women.