Having stared and produced a movie called Pizza Box under his production house Min Production, Musa Nyathi of Pizza Box fame has spread his wings even further. Nyathi, who leaves no stones unturned can be spotted on the latest Nandos Ad commercial which is currently on high rotation.

We caught us with Musa and this is what he had to say about the advert.

How do I feel about being on this advert?

Funny story is that I actually had an argument with my agent a few weeks back that he shouldn’t send me commercial briefs (adverts) because I always attend and I don’t get call backs, so I told him he should get me auditions for local soapies and telenovelas, he got angry and told me he will never send me advert Auditions anymore, of which he stopped.

So the turning point comes when he sends an audition to my dad whose also an actor and I manage, so as I checked his emails for the new castings and as I was checking the character he’s supposed to go audition for, and there I saw a role that I felt in my blood that if I go and attend this one I’m coming home with it, so I attended the audition with my dad Moses Nyathi and I was the only person who didn’t have the proper clothes for the audition which was a black suit but lucky enough I got a call from my agent saying I got a call back from the auditions.

Meaning I have to go and re Audition again with the ones they chose then they will choose the 2 best suitable for the role, now my agent Brought me a wardrobe (black suit) so I can look the part like the other people we did that then went back home, Moses Nyathi (dad) told me always keep your phone on coz these people will call you on Monday and what will happen if your phone is off, and they really called me on Monday it was as if my dad knew I was going to get this role.

Filming this felt great I usually get onset and there are those celebrities who always walk around in gowns and holding a cup of tea and a script greeting everyone and passing in a way that you can just feel their importance onset, when they are shooting, the wardrobe mistress would come just to them only and check if their make up is still fine and pass the rest of us, they get asked if they need water or if they are fine they get that special treatment onset, well on this advert I was part of them it felt so great getting that special treatment onset being prioritized.

Musa Nyathi

What are my future plans?

My future plans are way bigger than me Financially, emotionally and practically, On my own I feel like I’m doing the best I can I’ve been on TV several times this year, my movie PIZZA BOX has been on DSTV since April I’ve done enough TV appearances this year there’s still work that’s coming out soon that I did but will only share with people once it has been released, so enough about my self.

My future plans are to make sure that I create a channel back at home that allows people who want to be actors or film makers not to travel to Gauteng in order to pursue their dreams in this kind of art, hence I make movies back at home in Bushbuckridge, when I see opportunities I send them to talented actors from back at home that I know, I want to take the talent that’s in Bushbuckridge and Mpumalanga as a whole and taking it to a national stage.

We as MIN PRODUCTION are a film production company we do films and we would appreciate if the local government gives a helping hand in this revolution because what we are doing is big, we are trying to form a market where there isn’t any, it becomes hard when you are not strong financially, people need to earn a salary from doing the work they do, cameras need to get paid to be onset , crew and cast need to get paid.

My future plans are to make movies in Mpumalanga with people from Mpumalanga, and I hope the Mpumalanga government can give a helping hand and let’s take our languages and our people the lifestyles and our heritage to the big screen those are my future plans.

If you need to Reach out to me or Min production call or WhatsApp 082 676 7172 or e-mail