Xplore with Blxckie – Launch of the ForPlay Debut Single – ‘Forever’

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29 May 2023 – Johannesburg: The first single of the perfectly curated Durex EP – Forplay, dubbed ‘FOREVER’ was revealed to a captivated audience where Blxckie – a sensational rapper, songwriter, and record producer – unlocked a world of musical delight and sensual exploration at an exclusive launch hosted at The Venue – Green Park – in Morningside. 

Blxckie, the shining star of the evening, set the stage on fire with his unparalleled talent and sizzling performance of ‘FOREVER’. Known for his unique style and infectious energy, Blxckie has become a rising star in the music industry, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. 

Blxckie was joined by a stellar line-up of talented artists who have contributed their artistry to the Durex ForPlay EP. This diverse assembly of musical talents include South African jazz singer-songwriter Nanette; trap, alternative and R&B South African producer, songwriter and DJ, Yolophonik, and many more. Together, they have crafted an extraordinary musical journey that merges the realms of pleasure, expression, and acceptance.

The other artists that contributed to the ForPlay EP include South African DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer Muzi; singer-songwriter, rapper, and fashion designer Money Badoo; South African-American singer-songwriter and “Hennessy” hitmaker Tshego, singer-songwriter Gemma Fassie, rapper, songwriter, and record producer, and DJ Mx Blouse, award-nominated singer-songwriter Thando Nje, independent producer, singer, and rapper Una Rams, South African music producer, songwriter, and DJ Musa Keys, and rapper and singer Ricky Tyler.

The idea behind the production of the EP was driven by Durex’s mission to find ways to merge the worlds of music and sexual liberation – where everyone can be their authentic sexual self. “We are delighted to share with South Africa the magical debut single of our perfectly curated EP – Forplay. Ours is to drive the purpose of fighting against sexual shame and stigma, and to unleash the freedom to be your true self through the creation of a world of a sexual security where we drive a message through significant touchpoints aligned to our brand. Music is our pillar – it is an integral part of creating the VIBE anywhere, and it is also a UNIFIER across cultures and occasions. 

Music is void of gender, sexual orientation, culture and race. As a brand we are proud to stand for this. This is a big highlight of the journey that DUREX SA has been on and, we hope you love this as much as we do,” says Masibonge Mkhize, Head of Corporate Communications, External Affairs and Partnerships at Durex.

The project, produced by Muzi who ensured a seamless flow of the EP, boasts several songs by South African artists across various music genres. “To create an authentic Durex sound, we carefully identified the latest and greatest up and coming South African artists who fit with our brand ethos and embarked on this mission by hosting artists’ retreats to unleash the authenticity and power of music that resonates with our targeted audiences. We can proudly say that we have found OUR authentic sound, and trust that South Africa will enjoy it. This masterpiece not only appeals to everyone, but it also speaks to the multiple emotions associated with exploring one’s sensuality,” concludes Mkhize.

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