South London’s Jaz Karis Unleashes Sizzling New Single “Tequila” Featuring Reekado Banks – Get Ready for a Sonic Adventure with Upcoming Album “Safe Flight”!

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  • Explosive New Single “Tequila”: Jaz Karis teams up with Reekado Banks for her latest track, “Tequila,” a vibrant blend of amapiano and afrobeats that sets the stage for a romantic, sun-drenched adventure. The song is a prelude to her debut album SAFE FLIGHT, dropping on September 20th, promising to take listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey.
  • Visual and Musical Caribbean Escape: The music video for “Tequila,” shot in the stunning landscapes of Barbados, perfectly matches the song’s tropical and sultry vibes. Jaz, a Caribbean native, wanted the visuals to evoke the warm and exhilarating feelings of new love, encapsulating the honeymoon phase in a lush, tropical setting.
  • Debut Album “Safe Flight”: Jaz Karis’s highly anticipated album SAFE FLIGHT captures her transformative year of globe-trotting and musical growth. With tracks recorded across Los Angeles, New York, and beyond, the album weaves soul into every song, reflecting her travels and collaborations with global artists. It promises to be a rich, heartfelt exploration of new beginnings and personal evolution.

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Get ready to set your playlists on fire! South London’s sultry R&B sensation Jaz Karis is back, and this time she’s bringing some serious heat with her new single “Tequila” featuring Nigerian star Reekado Banks. This track is a sneak peek into her highly anticipated debut album, SAFE FLIGHT, landing on Friday, September 20th. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

“Tequila” is a sonic journey that whisks you away to a sun-soaked island paradise. With its intoxicating blend of amapiano and afrobeats, it’s the perfect backdrop for Jaz’s mesmerizing vocals. The song captures the electric thrill of a new romance, as Jaz and Reekado croon about love that defies distance and time zones with the irresistible refrain, “No distance from my baby, don’t you complicate it.”

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Speaking about the track, Jaz shared, “This song is for all the honeymoon stage lovers. I wanted to create something as warm and exciting as those first butterflies you get when you’re falling for someone. Having Reekado Banks, whom I admire so much, join me on this made it even more special. We shot the music video in the breathtaking landscapes of Barbados, which felt like a homecoming for me as a Caribbean native. The visuals perfectly complement the tropical, sultry vibes of the song. I hope it gives you the same butterflies and smiles I had while writing it.”

“Tequila” is more than just a summer anthem; it’s a testament to Jaz’s musical evolution and global appeal. This track follows her breakout hits “Nice Girls” featuring Mahalia and “MET YOU AT A BAR” featuring Tone Stith, which have already made waves across the streaming world. “Nice Girls” has crossed over 1 million streams and secured spots on top Spotify playlists like R&B Rising, R&B Weekly, and Riffs & Runs. Meanwhile, “MET YOU AT A BAR” and its retro music video have been creating a buzz, chronicling a love story that starts amidst the smoky haze of a billiards bar.

Jaz Karis’s upcoming full-length album Safe Flight promises to be a transformative journey through sound and emotion. Here’s what Jaz had to say about it: “I’m beyond excited to share my debut album Safe Flight. The concept came to me while working in LA, reflecting my constant travels between London and LA over the past year. The title ‘Safe Flight’ is a nod to the countless flights I’ve taken, symbolizing a new chapter in my life. Most of the album was crafted in Los Angeles, with a few tracks from New York City, Atlanta, and Texas, and just one from my hometown, London. It’s a body of work that feels like a new adventure, with soul permeating through every track. I’m thrilled to have collaborated with incredible artists from around the world, and I hope this album takes listeners on a safe and wonderful journey.”

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  1. NOSTALGIA [Intro]
  2. LYTM
  3. TEQUILA [Ft. Reekado Banks]
  6. MET YOU AT A BAR [Ft. Tone Stith]
  7. WATER [Interlude]
  8. SIMS CASTAWAY [Ft. Juls]
  9. CHILL ON ME [Ft. June Freedom]
  10. 2242
  11. NICE GIRLS [Ft. Mahalia]
  12. LOVE ME
  13. PRAYER

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