It has been 25 years since Mafikizolo burst on the local music industry. A quarter of a century later, the Afro-pop band still oozes energy, going strong, filling up venues, performing all over the world and winning legions of new fans. Their story is a masterclass in relevance, longevity, and grace.

This winter, the duo Nhlanhla Mafu and Theo Kgosinkwe, releases their 12th album iDwala, a tribute to their staying power. iDwala means a boulder and a rock of ages. It speaks to how they have been a dependable voice in the industry, worth emulating and an inspiration to younger generations of music makers.

Looking back over the years, Nhlanhla says it’s all grace. “We thank God constantly; we don’t take the many years we have behind us for granted.”

Theo agrees: “That is why we titled this album iDwala because we have stood the test of time. We have been through it all, wins, losses, struggles, fails, successes, through the storm and back and Mafikizolo is still here.”

The pair says iDwala takes listeners and fans through the journey of Mafikizolo, how it all started and how it is still going. This is reflected in the choices of collaborations, the influences seeping into the sound and the approach they took.

Mafikizolo released the self-titled debut album in 1997 when they were still a trio, the third member being Tebogo Madingoane who passed away in 2004. It was their 2000 hit Lotto, from the album Gate Crashers, that catapulted them to the heights of fame and recognition. Ironic, that a song about winning the lottery would translate in them hitting the big time in music and setting them on a path to greatness.

Mafikizolo returns to bookmark their 25th year in business with iDwala that boasts incredible ballads, Afro-house tunes, Afropop tastes to suit the current trends and styles of today. The message remains that of love and celebrating it. It also glorifies the presence of God in their lives. The offering caters for all audiences across the age spectrum, those who grew up on and with Mafikizolo and new fans from the 2000 generation.

Singles like Mamezala featuring Sun-El Musician and Simmy and Thando Lwethu featuring Sun-El Musician have already set the tone for iDwala.

Spectacular collaborations with Ami Faku on Nguyelona, Sjava on 10K, Danya from Blaq Diamond on 10K and Loco Loco elevate iDwala as a showcase of the finest South African musicians at the moment.

The magic of super producers such as Mondli Ngcobo on songs like Uhamba Nath and Shonamalanga makes iDwala a powerful release. And typical of Mafikizolo, they have unearthed new talent that has brought a fresh new flavour to their sound, take for example Vula and Fatela in which they worked with???


It is through sheer hard work, determination, consistency, and respect for the craft that Mafikizolo has emerged as one of the most preeminent groups on the African continent with a growing following. There is nothing to slow them down as they charged forward to the next 25 years.

Nhlanhla reflects: “We stood the test of time and are still going strong. We celebrate that we come a long way and we still have a great time and being grateful for the gift of life. We sometimes wonder what did right for God to choose us. We are blessed to still have the momentum and energy to push good music. It’s never easy for bands to go on for a long time, even when they get back together, they may struggle to have the same impact of the past years, but our story is different and unique.”

Adds Theo: “Statues of our faces are made of rocks, and they carry a strong meaning. With iDwala we connected with the vision of us being like a solid rock that stays for generations. Winds may blow, rain may fall, but the rock stays unshaken. We are proud of our story and journey, and we hope to continue inspiring our followers and the industry. Mafikizolo is a global brand with a footprint in Africa. We would love to release a deluxe album of iDwala which will feature our brothers and sisters from the continent.”

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