Maglera is a PIECE OF ART

Johannesburg, South Africa – Monday, 12 September 2022 – A PIECE OF ART 

“Diaspora. The Montage. For the Township. For the children in the Diaspora. For our Bloodline. For those who came before us. For Bagotsi baka ba hlokafetsing. For ma’laatie aka a di hobo le di mengelara tse re hudisitseng ko stoepung” 
– Magelara Doe Boy –

After carefully selecting all the features and the people in which he worked with on Diaspora such as Focalist, Kaygizm and 25K, he speaks to the history and the reason for why this album. The new Tswako has now been revived and hitting the streets hard. This body of work full of gems and very educational. This is a piece of art that would be studied for years to come. The infusion of ancient Egypt and black histories is cleverly told through the mood and feel of each song whilst capturing the raw and uncensored realities of everyday life we all are accustomed to. Motivated by his 12-track sound story of himself and his neighborhood Maglera in his debut album “Diaspora”. This collection centers around both a review view at Maglera’s life as well as the confident standpoint of Maglera through Maglera’s eyes.

The content and structure of the mixtape is a piece of art that will be studied in detail in future. Maglera Doe Boy’s attention to detail can be heard throughout the whole project, as he graphically describes movie like scenes about his hometown. The lyrical talent of the young man is exquisite, he manages to paint an image with each single from Diaspora. This excites the public even more and leaves the mind to wonder what more he can unpack

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