Elevating Elegance: Saso’s Brunch Marquee Redefines Luxury Experience for Durban’s Elite

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  • Saso’s Visionary Brunch Marquee: Saso, the musical maestro turned marketing mogul, unveils his long-awaited masterpiece, ‘Saso’s Brunch Marquee,’ a luxurious event poised to redefine elegance and exclusivity in Durban’s social scene.
  • A Fusion of Opulence and Excellence: With meticulous planning over three years, Saso aims to create a space where South Africa’s elite can convene to celebrate black excellence amidst an atmosphere of grandeur. The event promises to offer a unique blend of live entertainment, delectable cuisine, and sophisticated ambiance.
  • Revolutionizing Durban’s Marquee Experience: Positioned as a game-changer for the Durban July event, ‘Saso’s Brunch Marquee’ seeks to cater to a market previously overlooked, while also tantalizing attendees with surprise elements that promise to set this marquee apart from the rest.
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In a harmonious blend of music mastery and entrepreneurial flair, Saso, the acclaimed musician turned marketing maven, is embarking on a grand venture: ‘Saso’s Brunch Marquee,’ a lavish affair poised to set the stage for Durban’s prestigious annual event, the Durban July.

Known to the world as Lusaso Ngcobo, Saso, half of the dynamic duo of Dream Team fame, has meticulously crafted this opulent gathering over three years. His vision? To create a haven where South Africa’s crème de la crème can converge, not only to network but to bask in the glory of black excellence.

“Imagine a realm where A-listers mingle amidst an atmosphere of splendor and achievement. That’s the essence of ‘Saso’s Brunch Marquee.’ It’s been a labor of love, and I’m thrilled to see it come to fruition after years of dedication,” shares Saso.


Scheduled for July, the event promises an unforgettable fusion of live entertainment, epicurean delights, and unparalleled ambiance. The recent media launch, graced by luminaries like Benny Maverick, DJ Sox, Slee Ndlovu, Minnie Ntuli, Sethu Nkosi, and more, heralded the arrival of this extraordinary affair.

“Our aim is to revolutionize the Durban July experience, catering to a market overlooked in the past. It’s a platform to host industry titans and trendsetters, with a surprise element that will truly set us apart,” adds Saso, hinting at a spectacle that promises to dazzle attendees.

Renowned for his stage prowess and event curation finesse, Saso pledges to redefine luxury at the Hollywoodbets Greyville Racecourse on July 6th. Expect an indulgent spread of culinary delights, bespoke cocktails, and captivating performances by top-tier artists.

As anticipation builds, tickets for ‘Saso’s Brunch Marquee’ go on sale April 12th via Webtickets, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary and epitomizes the essence of sophistication and style.

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