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  • The Cinematic Release: An Exciting Arrival in South African Cinemas
  • Star-Studded Dubbed Version: A Stellar Cast Brings Characters to Life
  • From Studio Ghibli to the Big Screen: Hayao Miyazaki’s Return with “The Boy and The Heron

After clinching an Oscar® victory, anime enthusiasts rejoiced at the news of “The Boy and The Heron” hitting South African cinemas nationwide on Friday, April 19. Gravel Road Distribution Group, the film’s local distributor, has revealed that it will be available in its original Japanese format with English subtitles, as well as in a dubbed English version. Booking options are now open, offering audiences a choice of showtimes at release cinemas.

The English dubbed version showcases the talents of Luca Padovan as Mahito Maki, Robert Pattinson as The Gray Heron, Florence Pugh as Kiriko, Christian Bale as Shoichi Maki, Dave Bautista as The Parakeet King, Gemma Chan as Natsuko, and Willem Dafoe as the Noble Pelican. “The Boy and The Heron” secures Japanese anime maestro Hayao Miyazaki’s second Oscar® win, following the historic success of “Spirited Away,” which became the first non-English animation to claim the same accolade in 2003.

Watch the trailer here.

In this captivating film, young Mahito, grappling with the loss of his mother in war, relocates to his family’s rural estate. There, a chain of enigmatic occurrences draws him to a secluded ancient tower inhabited by a playful grey heron. When Mahito’s stepmother vanishes, he ventures into the tower with the heron, embarking on a mesmerizing journey into a realm where the boundaries between the living and the dead blur. Guided by the heron, Mahito unravels the secrets of this fantastical world and discovers truths about himself. The stellar cast includes Christian Bale, Dave Bautista, Gemma Chan, Willem Dafoe, Karen Fukuhara, Mark Hamill, Robert Pattinson, and Florence Pugh lending their voices to this remarkable adventure.

“The Boy and The Heron” emerges from the esteemed Studio Ghibli, renowned for timeless classics such as “Spirited Away,” “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and “My Neighbor Totoro.” This film marks Hayao Miyazaki’s return to the director’s chair after a decade, presenting an original hand-drawn tale crafted by the Academy Award®-winning master himself. Produced by Studio Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki, the movie features an enchanting musical score by Miyazaki’s long-time collaborator Joe Hisaishi. Adding to the allure, global J-pop sensation Kenshi Yonezu pens and performs the film’s theme song, “Spinning Globe.”

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